Thursday 7 May 2009

Once Upon a Time on the Net

A story I was aware of today was the long expected, overdue, demise of Mr Draper, editor of Labourlist.
The main blogs, Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale and the followers were discussing whether its best to let a defeated foe escape the battlefield or to pursue after them with all forces and wipe them from the earth.

The argument reminds me of the film 'Once upon A Time In The West'
"'Morton', the railway magnate, is a cripple and dying of polio, and who's ambition is to reach the Pacific ocean. Morton had previously paid for gunmen to kill 'Frank'. They failed. Frank turns up at Morton's rail car after a shoot-out looking to get revenge.
Should the cold eyed killer, 'Frank', kill Morton or let him be, as he presents no threat?"

Morton, crawling towards the muddy water from a leaking pipe, demonstrates his immense inner strength and appalling physical weakness. The music, overlaid with the sound of the Pacific surf breaking , just reinforces the man's powerful determination, while the spectre of the killer, with the thinnest of razor thin smiles, watches on.

What has this got to do with Derek Draper or Quantitative easing, or the LDV deal?
Nothing really.
Its just a masterpiece of cinema, without a line of dialogue, where the actors perfectly convey the directors intentions. Enjoy it.

I'm pretty sure its Hannah Montana the Movie for me this Sunday.
There is no justice.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Cool. Does YouTube have the clip where Charles Bronson explains about the impact of transport infrastructure on land values?

Hannah Montana is quite good, allegedly.

Philipa said...

I've never understood this fascination with Draper, from Labour or anyone really. I just find Draper wholly unremarkable.

Houdini said...

Everybody seems to forget that Draper went off into the wilderness once before, but returned as nasty and vindictive as ever.

He may do so again.

Better to kill the threat he poses now as I bet he will turn up again.

Bill Quango MP said...

MW:Thats in there. Its what the whole movie is about. Only its Morton and Frank, not Bronson. Bronson does do some elementary economics though.

"Did you bring a horse for me?"

"Looks like we're shy one horse"

Bronson shakes head. "You brought two too many"

Guido. Well? Will you leave him to crawl in the dust or put a bullet in his head?
You are the Fonda character after all.

Philipa: That's what's so remarkable.
Look at the immense damage he has done to the Labour party. Like the Watergate burglars, who were nobodies, but knew the everybodies, he has allowed the "campaign to re-elect the president" to be uncovered.

not an economist said...

I am inclined to say lt him go off into the suset and leave him alone. After all he has a wife and kid(s) and they would only suffer as well.

That said how magnaminous would Draper have been if Labour List had been a success and he had had someone else - e.g., Guido, DAle, any Tory MP - on the run?

roym said...

short of actually killing him what can you do? if he's off the blogosphere, he's gone, no?

still, im sure he can find comfort in the arms of the lovely Ms Garraway

roym said...

plus, id be much more interested in you thoughts on LDV vans.

Anonymous said...

If were Guido, I'd shoot him.
Then its done.