Wednesday, 15 July 2009

So far so good: Guido up 34%, Cityunslicker 150%

I note Guido has a post today on his investment performance year to date. he has done pretty well, as he is a very shrewd chap when it comes to bonds, less so on gold.

Gold is much harder to predict this year though with all the monetary stimulus, I have given up on it too for trading purposes this year, even though last year it saved me in the crash.
Guido' strategy has been to invest in bonds, mainly going short on gilts. Given the UK's parlous financial position, this is very sound, hence his returns.

My strategy was to invest in bombed out banking and resources stocks for the most part. I bought RBS at 10p, Lloyds at 50p, for example and sold out at well over 100% up on each. I also bought Barclays at 70p and sold at 85p - ouch, they are 300p now!

On the resources side, investments in heritage Oil and Tullow have done well, and then currently I have a plethora of minnows, such as EMED, ACU, AFE, PPA which I have high hopes for, despite some current big paper losses amongst that lot. Finally my single biggest investment is the property company Minerva - bombed out due to its huge debts, I have faith that the banks will roll this over and also that the major City developments are going to be in demand. The shareprice is currently 14p, the company has traded as high as 400p. Should be a fund ride.


Old BE said...

If you can do so well how come my pension investments are worth less than I have put in?

James Higham said...

Dear CUS,

Into what should I sink my £98.78?

I'd like to be a millionaire please.

Interested Admirer

Steven_L said...

I carefully traded the £65 I had left in my cfd account up to £305 earlier this year. Feeling cocky at making 470% in a couple of months I put another £500 in and lost it.

CityUnslicker said...

BE - Attitude to risk, mine is very high.


SL - Worst loss on anything this year for me was £3k on GCM - 75% loss in a month. Luckily trebled up on ACU 2 months later to make it all back plus some. I find the key is to keep putting in regular amounts, that way you can top up or diversify.
Don't really use my CFD account much easier, prefer owning the share and doing some basic research; make it less pure gambling on instinct.

Demetrius said...

My £1-50 a week on the Euromillions has yet to pay off, but we live in hope. At the moment it is a better bet than premium bonds, and I believe may well be far superior in the near future than UK Government Bonds.

Bill Quango MP said...

Demetrius. My £2 a week lottery has not beat the £100 premium bond for the first time in years.

£100 premium bond payed out £0
£104 lottery paid out £0

Still have the premium bond though.

ken from glos said...

We managed to win £3861 on the lottery in the early days.I thought it was easy peasy to keep on winning.

Only won the odd £10 ever since.

Premium Bonds ? forget it!! cashing in and spending on holidays.Too bloody old to save.

spiv and speculator said...

Blue Eyes-

1) I do it myself and then I only have myself to blame .

2)I don't trust tossers, who like to take your money and put it down the crapper for a small fee.

3) I have a target price in mind and sell when that's reached.

4) Don't get arrogant and cocky .

5)Invest some of it in what you like- e.g. I like beer, so made a bit on Greene King earlier on in the year. This was a pure punt on my part as I had just noticed that our Greene King pub was doing very well, despite the downturn, in contrast to the other pub on the oppoiste side of the road

[ the greene king pub is for the middle/working class people, the other pub is fancy fish resturant/ affair -thing celeb chief sort of place- and has prices to match. as upper middle class people are the most tight fisted people on the earth, you can tell how that pubs doing at present].

That's the best advise I can give.
Probably bollocks, but there you go.