Wednesday 29 July 2009

Yahoo mess

Who would have thought a few years ago that Yahoo would end up in such a mess? It is just like imagining that Google ends up teaming with Microsoft too in a few years. Yahoo had brand, the main search engine, a great leadership team, great technology, Silicon Valley credibility...the lot.

Another old timer in a bad way is AOL. Once worthy of a $100 billion merger, now worth maybe 5% of that. The world of tech moves fast, it is one reason I stay away from tech share prices. Too much disruptive technology to make anything a sure bet.


Houdini said...

Yahoo and MSN are planning to tie their market share together and compete against Google, and maybe grow as they attract advertisers to their enhanced market share percentage.

They have missed the point of why they are going down the pan against Goggle, despite having good management etc. The problem is their arrogance and past treatment of customers like sheep and cash cows.

Everybody hates Microsoft because they have profiteered with Windows for decades, so this merger will be tainted. Yahoo never really moved with the times and thought they could stay in the mid nineties and keep making money; they were wrong.

Google was and is a clean and fresh screen with core business locked in the core and not overt to the customer, and customers like that. Thier secret is keeping customers happy and keeping it simple, unlike Microsoft and Yahoo.

Google even now are better shares than any other tech shares. Now all we need to do is get rid of that basket case which is Apple.

CityUnslicker said...

Houdini - I broadly agree. Actually some tech shares like Oracle and IBM are probably ok, but you may as well by index trackers as buy them.

Eckersalld said...

Ironically enough it was Yahoo! that gave Google the leg-up in the first place. Bet they regret that now!

MicroHoo is going to increase Google's marketshare. Bing is doing okay, mainly because smartarses google what they want then go to it via bing to make use of Microsoft's cashback system.

People with Y! accounts are already starting to move to Google, purely out of loathing for Microsoft. Childish, but that should've been accounted for.

In short, Yahoo's decline will continue, and Microsoft will still have to pay people to use their search tools.

James Higham said...

JJB after one of its security guards hired for its AGM allegedly ‘tailed’ one of Mr Ashley’s representatives in a dangerous manner on the M61 motorwa

Why would he do that? What was he hoping to achieve?

CityUnslicker said...

JH - Don't believe a word of what Ashley says.

Budgie said...

The pc market has developed into a mass market with little or no interest in the purely technical aspects of the software. So people will use anything that does what they want, which is entertainment and communication.

Hence people use Firefox rather than IE: because it works better at no cost. MS Vista was slow, bulky, expensive and unreliable. Do MS admit it? No. MS does not care about its customers, so they don't care about MS. Google's o/s could cripple MS. Who cares?

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