Friday 21 August 2009

Goodbye thelondonpaper

Hot on the heels of Mr Murdoch announcing that he is moving to paying for online content, he is closing thelondonpaper, a freebie evening newsheet.

Hooray! I hate this stupid thing, it gets shoved in your face anytime you walk anywhere in rush hour; there are a million copies on the train making a mess everywhere; the content is beyond trash with daily pictures of Kate Moss et al going to parties; on the odd page that is not that are gay dating tales and other politically correct bilge.

I can't believe any of the 'journalists' on the paper are over the age of 25. So in the end I hope this is a victory in the battle of rational sense. This is a terrible paper, London Lite, its competitor is equally as bad and I understand is in equally as much trouble not making any money.

Free sheets can be history and London will be better for it. I'll let the Metro off in the morning as being slightly better in that it contains some news between ads.


Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Totally agree, it's absolute trash.

While I dashed for a train yesterday, I grabbed one hoping to find out about the Test Match, and found the reporting was third-form nonsense, and also written that morning so utterly useless.

The rest of the paper was pathetic in it's pandering to the stupidest readers.

City AM fills in the time it takes to drink one cup of coffee - no more!

Mark Wadsworth said...

I always preferred the L-Lite to the l-paper. And with the competition eliminated, maybe the L-Lite will even start making money?

Old BE said...

Metro is pretty much yesterday's Evening Standard, so you are getting a better standard of writing. They are all quite crap though, worse even than the other Murdoch brands. Good riddance.

One day people will return to reading books on the tube and the nation's intellectual health will improve immeasurably.

Letters From A Tory said...

The London Paper and its competitors are just showbiz gossip plus a light splash of news and the occasional sports headline. I refuse to read them.

roym said...

agreed, it wont be missed. folk will have to go elswhere to see which bars the latest generation of celebrity brats fall out of.
hope london lite goes too as i despise anything to do with associated news

has this saved the evening standard?

hovis said...

Joy of joys, there is a god! Goodbye to uninteresting gossip, self obsessed columns about sex/dating/what have I done from dull columnists. But the best part - no more of that prize turd Geraint "Cityboy" Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Dance of joy completed!
One more curse to be fulfilled and I can go back to riding the tube in the afternoon.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The Metro is indeed a mix of yesterday's and the same afternoon's ES (as is the London Lite!), despite the fact that the ES was sold but not the Lite, but I like the Metro and I am usually bitterly disappointed by the ES.

dearieme said...

What travails you Londoners have to cope with.