Wednesday 14 October 2009

Carter Ruck defeated; now is the time for change

I have been a little busy to get involved in the whole Carter-Ruck story. Most of it is shown below in the video. Well done to all involved. It is very important that we protect free speech as our Labour Government has been intent on taking it away.

Another issue it brings up is the role of the judiciary and the judges who cravenly give in to the QC's and barristers in this country.

There is a simple solution, elect them . yes from amongst the qualified, but nonetheless the makers of law should not be above the 'demos' over whom they seek to rule. As it is we have an very imbalanced constitution where the Executive has control of the legislature without recourse and the judiciary is also without the power of the people. No wonder as modern society has grown on this model, we feel we have become more of a police state. Political correctness and such like was bound to thrive.

Perhaps the new wave of technology that is the Internet can re-energise the people to take back some control. However an incoming Government would be well advised to redress the constitutional balance in favour of the people (and how convenient it would stymie some of the worse EU excesses too).


roym said...

we have a constitution?

fully agree with your post, but will a new administration - presumably with a landslide - be inclined to give power to the little folk?

not sure why political correctness needed to be shoehorned in though.

Old BE said...

I'm not sure that ignoring an injunction is particularly big or clever. The actual facts revealed are not very interesting in themselves. Guido's triumph is exposing how easy it had become to subvert the presumption that people should be able to report and discuss issues in public without the threat of legal action.

I thought Newsnight did a good hatchet job on the "privacy" advocate last night!

Anonymous said...

I believe the judiciary are as much a part of the problem as a sympton. A "new" establishment with a different world view has simply replaced the "old" establishment. We need root and branch reform of our constitution.