Wednesday 4 November 2009

Digital Guido: November 5th Salute

... again using only PowerPoint (R)

And a song for Guy Fawkes Night - the Ballad of the Most Satisfactory Death of McBride - in the comments below.


Nick Drew said...

The Most Satisfactory Death of McBride
(first aired chez Idle)

King Gordon he was insecure
A poltroon for all to see
Desiring but one thing in life
Obama’s bitch to be
“But Barack favours Cameron !
Who’ll smear that man for me ?”

McBride he was a bastard
And a thuggish lout was he
Full ruddy-faced and arrogant
The King’s own appointee
And smearing was his stock-in-trade
“I’ll smear that man for thee !”

Now Derek was a therapist
(Of dubious degree)
And now he blogged to please the King
A pawn for all to see
“I’m independent, though!” he lied
So disingenuously

Fair Guido was a blogger too
And a fine stout fellow he
He’d harried Hain and bogeyed Brown
And never bowed the knee
When lurid emails came to hand
He set his trap with glee

McBride had smeared before and so
Had many an enemy
No course was left for him but to
Commit hara-kiri
The fate of all who force the King
To make apology !

Thus did fair Guido slay McBride -
Most satisfactory !

RavingMad said...

great Guido likeness

Bill Quango MP said...

I always suspected he was just a computer generated image. If you Max Headroom Guido Fawkes he looks suspiciously like Ed Balls.

lilith said...

That is so good :-)