Monday 9 November 2009

Hammy Christmas

The must have present this Christmas is a battery powered hamster.

Toys R Us has said that the “must have” toy for Christmas 2009 will be a battery operated hamster that has caused such a stir in the US that the company could not include it in its Christmas toy catalogue for fear of disappointing customers.

The Guardian had the story today. A range of battery-powered toy hamsters, costing just under a tenner a time, are proving to be among the must-have toys of the moment.

It's better, but not always necessary, for a toy that appeal to girls and boys to be picked as the big seller. In the past its been cabbage patch dolls, Mutant Ninja Turtles, PSPs. This one looks like you should be looking for a stockist about now as its low price entry of £9.99, and many retailers scaling back the inventory this year, make it a sell right out line.

No Woolworths this year ..
Where are you going to get your
Christmas toys from this year?


Philipa said...

There is a recession on and I really should find time to learn to knit. i can already sew but can't lift the sewing machine, therefore knitting seems choice.

However, I can't find a pattern for a Nintendo DSi.

Roy S said...

More importantly, which company makes the hamster, and is it publicly traded? Could be a classic case of buying now and selling in January.....

Electro-Kevin said...

Fuck sakes !

I'm behind the curve on my investments again. Anyone want to buy a job lot of trapeze monkeys ?

(I could supply REAL hampsters for less than that.)

Bill Quango MP said...

Philipa: Circuit board should be quite easy to knit.
I once got a knitted Clanger for Christmas. Not too bad, except it was green. That council house dark door green from the 70's.

Roy S:
China has the basic tech that makes a fortune. its a phenomenon that appears to be taking hold rapidly in the USD.

Hamsters To Invade Salvation Army - Zhu Zhu Pets(TM) Launch Slated For Brackenridge Kids {A hamster giveaway for 35 lucky kids.}
Google zhu zhu stories.

I haven't bought one, but I haven't seen one yet either.

EK- I've got a load of Pokemon if you want an 'investment'

Obnoxio The Clown said...

My girlfriend told me that she wanted a battery powered rabbit for Christmas. I went to Toys 'r' Us, but the shop assistant was very confused when I told her what I was looking for, she seemed to be laughing at me, she turned bright red and made funny choking noises.

You just can't get the staff nowawdays.

Mark Wadsworth said...

My lad wants a Nintendo DSI and my lass wants an iPod.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I mean, he's got a PSP and the lass has already got a Nintendo DS.

Kids nowadays, they don't know they're born.

Mark Wadsworth said...

And we've got a Wii.

Letters From A Tory said...

A battery powered hamster, eh? Can we set them on any Labour activists that come knocking on my door over the next six months?

Bill Quango MP said...

Why not get her the hamster instead. I'm sure its almost the same thing and she'll be delighted.

MW: Yes. Did the DSi for Ms Quango for her birthday. The good news is it has a camera so that's one less thing to buy later.

Lily said...

HOLY COW That's just too cute for words!!

So hamsters are the new bunnies huh? *nudge* *nudge*

Philipa said...

BQ - not joking now, my kids are pokemon mad. As Hislop said they can remember that chimchar turns into charluk and wossname into thingy but they can't name the capital cities of 5 countries. And yes my daughter did try the obvious :-/

This is a serious question: Sainsbury's has Wii, Nintendo DS and PS3 on special offer. they are selling out fast. My daughter is not so bothered about computer games but my son lives for them and he bullies daught into playing games with him (they both have DS's). Would you go for a Wii or buy son a DSi ? Bearing in mind that though she doesn't like computer games much they are expensive and if she doesn't get one she'll feel left out.

Bill Quango MP said...

LFAT: probably a law against it.

Lily: Who wouldn't appreciate a cute furry vibrating battery powered toy.

I love computer and video games and always have. A PC and an Xbox 360 in this house + Ms Q's old DS when she upgraded to DSI. She is 6 but gets a lot of use out of the DS and its far easier to transport in the car for long journeys than the portable DVD player. The problem is the children lose the cartridges. But most turn up again at some point. Game/Gamestation have offers on all the time and a large preowned section for DS at around £10-15 compared to £15-£25 for second hand Xbox.

If your son is a Gamer- then PS3 would be a great present but remember the games are the most expensive on the market on release.
Depends what age your children are.

The Wii would be a good 'joint' present. Then the problem is solved.
Cooking mama 3 for everyone?

What price is the Wii at sainsbury's?

Philipa said...

Wii is £135 and DSi is £119 I think. Ring and reserve as they are going fast. I haven't and might now after procuring funds from family :-) Thanks so much for your advice.

Nick Drew said...

these are the forces that brought down the Berlin Wall !!