Tuesday 22 December 2009

Eating those words

C@W managed to find a couple of menus from the Christmas political parties this year.

See what you've been missing

Nulabour Christmas dinner

{Spinners Arms }

Melted ice caps sorbet
Miliband’s a Melon


Gordon's glossed over economic turkey with a hint of lemon
Ainsworth’s cooked goose,
Baroness Ashton's Brussels sprouts
Ali Campbells’s Roasted poll-tatoes ,
Jaqui's Manberries Sauce,

Hazel Blears' nutty stuffing,
Prescott’s tiny sausage wrapped in bacon
(pigs in a blanket)

Red Flag cabbage, Green-bean shoots of recovery, Hash Browns
lashings of hot gravy train.

Alternative –

Brown's a chicken supreme

or Darling’s beef {with Gordon}.

Porky Pies

Selection of cooked books.


Peter Mandelson’s mince pies and whipped-up media cream
Ed Ball's a flaming pudding
Harman's a fruitcake and Hain's Tangerines with core vote crumble.

Fine electoral whines or spirits {of Tony}
Bitter Lemon with bendy in the wind political Straw

Gordon’s crackers and joke budgets.
Paper Crowns

Games available in family room:
Gilts Jenga, Clouseau, Its a knockout,RISK of default, Snakes and Losers, Go for Broke


Quantitative eating

Bill: £8,500 + per taxpayer

Services not included or provided.

BluLabour Christmas banquet

{Winners enclosure Epsom.}

Windsor soup

Palm off ham


Suckling Hogg

Duck House a l'Orange

Range of thick cuts

Damien Greens

Bercow’s Brandy butter-up

Dan Hannan Brussels spouts

Roast UK peasants

Eric Pickles onions

Hickory smoked Hammond

Grilled Porterhouse Blue

Roast past snips with Immigrated cheese


EU-rolly over poly

election Dates and 'give a figs'

Osborne's a plum duff.

Licorice Allsops

Eton Mess

EU Referendum fudge

Followed by Port and Ken's B.A.T cigars.
Blue blood cheese, Ritz crackers, Rich tea or Kirkbrides take the biscuits, David Davis sour grapes.
and Boris Johnson's Tory Crackers.

Followed by games at the second home:

Scrabble for power, Right wing Charade, 10 year Monopoly, Connect 40 {seats}, Pass the pigs.

The Lib Dems?


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Ukippers and toast for breakfast?

Electro-Kevin said...

Very good, I can't put a topping on that.

Happy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems?

Table for 12 please Georgio!

Ahh, a bigger party this year Mr Nick.

Nick Drew said...

the LibDems feast on Kennedy's sausages !

fat, slightly orange in colour, and made with liberal quantities of Scotch Whisky

prick with a fork, as they say

Otherwise known as a hot dog, answers to 'Rinka'

(old 1970's joke)

Anonymous said...

Nice post & nice blog. I love both.