Monday 21 December 2009

Hello Sailor Prescott ! We Enjoyed Your Copenhagen Triumph

A cracking edition of the Observer yesterday, and it's Big Personality time. First up is Sailor John Prescott, on great form.

'I lobbied John Kerry, Al Gore and the Chinese environment minister Xie Zhenhua, telling them they had to "wriggle more" to get a deal. The translator fell silent, but when I mimed a wriggle to Xie, he smiled and understood what I meant.'

I expect he did, and it is probably a better explanation than *sleep deprivation* for those black eyes you were sporting for the cameras last night. Gordon Brown will be eternally grateful for your intervention, Giovanni.

He should also benefit from the wisdom of
John Griffin, founder of the ubiquitous Addison-Lee cab company. There's an approach to debt management for you, Prime Minister - and a few other pithy offerings you might like to ponder.

He'll have enjoyed Anthony Seldon's comments on Tony Blair, though. 'Insensitive, conspicuous displays of affluence' - such a cruel thing to say at Christmas.

Finally, an update on the
Guy Hands / EMI saga we covered last week. In response to being sued by the man, it seems Citigroup are going to force his Hands and make him sell up. No Christmas Number 1 for him!



Mark Wadsworth said...

That Citi/EMI is yet another kind of debt-for-equity swap, if you think about it.

Old BE said...

Mr Addison-Lee is my new hero!

Anonymous said...

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