Sunday 6 December 2009

More EU regs by the back door to stuff business

In the week leading up to Copenhagen (for which, by the way, I dearly hope there is a limited deal. I am not wholly with the sceptics on climate change), there is evidence of more bureaucratic rubbish clogging up our system; just when UK businesses don't need it.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment becomes mandatory for all businesses using more than 6,000 Mega Watts in April. Most businesses are unprepared and/or know nothing about it. This means they could fall foul of the law, EU Law masquerading as UK law. There is a webchat about it tomorrow, details here.

The way the regs are being brought in is very poor and does not to me hit the right businesses in the right way. Whilst we have this micro-tinkering, at the macro level the government wibbles on about non existent Carbon capture and building nuclear plants.

The UK will in about 3 years at current rates have a big reduction in carbon emissions, when we start to have regular black-outs....


AntiCitizenOne said...

Investment advice*

They'll be brown outs first and undervoltage can really screw your PC.

*Not really.

Anonymous said...

If your business consumes more power than the output of five large power plants, then you should damn well be regulated... (Maybe you meant 6,000 kWh though?)

Anonymous said...

businesses using more than 6,000 Mega Watts in April

Just April?
Just April each year?
Why April?

Just joking, CU. :-)

Anonymous said...


Part of post vanished!

Man in a Shed said...

Still it will help move lots of industry to China and India and prepare the way for misery and socialist revolution.

PS The case for natural climate change is far better than reported in the media. This is probably linked to the above paragraph.