Wednesday 24 February 2010

At my command - Unleash Hell

remember last years Blockbuster. - Drama - promises - Plots -Tears - Conflict - Destruction -Debt ...


The story of a general, reduced to a slave by a cunning, unelected, tyrant emperor.
Maximus Snoozimus Alistus becomes the greatest hero in Rome when he turns his back on the domineering dictator.

Commodehead - "You are truly a great counter of numbers..Almost as good as myself..What is your name slave?"

Alistus - "My name is Badgiator" {He partially turns his back on the despot}

Commodehead - "How dare you not support me with 100% loyalty,despite all the briefing I've done against you. Tell me your name!"

Alistus - "My name is Maximus Snoozimus Alistus, commander of the public sector workers of the North, General of all the benefit Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Antonius Blarus. Father to a murdered economy, husband to the bankrupt treasury . And I will still be chancellor, at this budget and the next. "

Commodehead - "No you won't! Ballsus, McBrido, Watsum - At my command, Unleash Hell"


Dungeekin said...

Interesting to see someone else thought Roman when they heard that quote.

I thought of 'Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of War'...

Which, given how this Goonvernment is becoming ever-more like a Shakespeare tragedy, let me to:

'Gordon Caesar: Act III Scene I'.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting in a car crash sense to see Labour exploding like this. Still, nobody gives a shit about replacing the Social Democrat Labour party with the Social Democrat Tory party, at least Brown is wiling to throw chairs at people. The least bad outcome is a hung parliament, and only because Vince Cable is slightly less fucking useless as a chancellor.

Budgie said...

Brown is more like Macdeath.

Financesolver said...