Thursday 11 February 2010

Question time quiz.

Heavy news week. Going to be very tough this week to guess three of the top five questions. Coming from Belfast and having Shaun Woodward on the panel should give us some clues.

BQ says- 1} Death Tax for care
2} Northern Ireland peace deal and iris
3} MP's being charged
4} Crying 'Comical Ali' Campbell

Miss CD chooses
1} Cadbury/British jobs
2} AV and its effect on NI politics, if any.
3} 'Comical Ali' Dizaei.
4} Attempted torture cover up by HMG

Over to you..


Botogol said...

1 - Latest Irish deal
2 - Ashcroft Tax Status
3 - EU Greece bailout
4 - Repossessions can be a good thing.
5 - MP Prosecutions

Nick Drew said...

OK I'm getting the hang of it now

1) lessons of the Feltham curry-poisoner
2) should Portsmouth FC be allowed any more time to pay its VAT bill?
3) Tobin Tax - thumbs up or down?
4) how England did whup Wales last week

if time allows:

bananas - will they secure the Election for Gordon Brown ?

Miss S-J said...

1} Torture
2} Care for the elderly
3} Irish power sharing /Robinson
4} Proportional / AV
5} Cadbury

And finally ..
Joan Bakewell .jobs for Moira Stewart

hatfield girl said...

1. Why should we bail out Greeks?

2. Brown's behaviour in the office.

3. House repossessions.

4. Is the reunification of Ireland the aim of devolution power transfers?

5. Is Cadbury's really chocolate?

James Higham said...

Second question a tough one.

IAmAnonymous said...

Hopefully not as bad as last week.

Euro (Bailout)
Pope on a Rope
John Terry

Bill Quango MP said...

First - Torture and MI5 secrecy. Probably has even more resonance in NI. Shaun Woodward using the Miliband defence. Or more properly the Prescott defence.

"This is a serious question. A very serious question. This government , and let me be quite clear, this government believes in assessing serious questions in a serious way and with full and considered thought, for the very serious issues that this question poses."

2nd - Policing and justice in N.I.
It didn't sound like the panel greeted the news of power sharing with the same 'peace in our time' paper waving that the Prime minister did just a few days ago.

3rd- MPs hiding from the law because they are MPs.

4th - should the bubbles be bailed out? Well, they are going to be.
These silly countries that run up huge debts eh?

5th - BBC salaries.

Scores on the doors
BQ - 2
Miss CD - 1
Botogol - 3
ND - I really thought Tobin would crop up too , but no. Nil pwunts.
hatfield girl - Good to see you -2
James H: You're going to need a few more guesses.
IAmAnonymous- good effort -1

No one thought of Toyota? Just as well. QT is always tough when its Assembly politics.

This weeks King of Kings is Botogol. Well done.

We would love you to come back next week and see if Gordon Brown's 'tears in their eyes' has made it onto the show.
"Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Paul Gascoigne.."
Good luck Prime Minister. We mean that most sincerely fraaanz!

Botogol said...

woo hoo! :-)