Thursday 25 March 2010

Question Time predictor

David Dimbleby is joined in Glasgow by Liam Byrne, Baroness Warsi, Julia Goldsworthy, Alex Salmond and Sir Martin Sorrell.

Scots editions tend to be a bit Celtic focused. I doubt the BBC lawyers will let any Purcell / Mafia questions through, but maybe the contracts without tendering ?

Usual rules -up to 6 guesses. Bonus points for correct phrases used or tangents touched. Winner gets to remove or add an item from the latest budget.

Budget - No substance from anyone
Cider tax and fuel tax, personal allowances and 1% NI hit the hardworkingfamilies hardest
Hoon and co - lobbying to be lobotomised
BA and train strikes.
Numbers of hospital managers
New Cameron baby. Was it planned for May 1st?


hatfield girl said...

Should Members for English constituencies have voting powers over Scottish affairs on the same scale as MPs for Scottish constituencies have over England?

Should Trident bases be removed to the Thames estuary?

Should Scotland's relationship with the European Union be revised to be similar to that of Norway?

Has the extensive Italian immigrant settlement and their descendants in Glasgow produced an Italian-style political culture?

Should the budget have been preceded by a general election?

Will there really, really be two modern aircraft carriers built in Scottish yards before 2020? And if so, what for?

Nick Drew said...

Winner gets to remove or add an item from the latest budget

Mr Quango you are prostituting yourself as a peddler of influence again !

you have no doubt rigged the questions as well but I will give it a try anyway

1) Hollie Greig - why not top of the agenda ?
2) Donal', whar's yer Troosers ?
3) Gordon, whar's yer Scruples ?
4) Clan Cameron - still Jacobites ?
5) Saving money by making NHS workers actually show up - what is Darling smoking ?

Despairing bonus attempt: Those new hospitals gowns - thumbs up or down ? (or indeed thumbs discreetly hidden from view)

CityUnslicker said...

Should SNP work with a Tory minority Government/hung parliament - nice and partisan.

Funny Q to end - should politicians call each other names in parliament (might be name sam cam's baby)

the budget - aren't scots people good at them

Ashcroft - why is he so evil? (its the BBC after all)

Strikes - Howling at the moon, its all the rage?

Thatcher - Still alive, still evil, still mother of David Cameron?

As you can see, I have moderated substantially my views on BBC bias in an attempt to win this week.

Botogol said...

(I don't think there will be as many as five questions this week, Dimbleby always seems to devote too much time to the Budget)

1 - Budget: is the Darling stimulus to the economy big enough? (blah blah deficit. Sorrell: blah blah China, India)

2 - Should MPs from Scottish constituencies by allowed to vote in matters that don't affect Scotland (An old topic but always a good one.. bonus 'West-Lothian')

3 - Should Foreign Billionaires be disqualifed from owning British newspapers?

4 - Is it acceptable for Edinburgh University to discriminate against English Students?

5 - Should lobbying by ex-MPs be banned?

6 - Should the SNP leader be invited to the Party leaders' debates on TV?

Miss SJ said...

* Budget - A let down
* MP lobbying - Assembly lobbying?
* University cuts and student accommodation
* House of lord reform
* Papal apology
* Tony Mowbray - about time?

Miss CD said...

1} Budget was a time for action that has been missed.
2} Debt is lower. Should we Trust Labour?
3} Who would the SNP support in a hung parliament?
4} Cider and drink tax - drinking in general
5} Smoking ban in cars and streets
6} Mp's junkets,lobbying, arrests...

Something about strikes..

Bill Quango MP said...

CU - Name Sam Cam's baby. Great idea for the weekend quiz!

lilith said...

1. The Pope and noncing: is it time for a new Savonarola?

2. Local Sherrifs and noncing: is it time for a clean sweep of the administration?

3. Does Geoff Hoon know what his name has become synonymous with?

4. Will the SNP take Scotland into the Euro?

5. When will Al Magrahi die?

Malcolm Tucker said...

I think

1. the unions and strikes are doing a 1979 on Labour

2. Budget boredom. The 25% non Health and education department cuts

3. Should the police investigate a Glasgow City Council

4.Is it right for the KGB to buy the Independent.

5. Was the MP sting a Blairite pruning set up by Balls' black ops team?

6. Anne Moffat's pension.

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Someone has finally noticed that what Labour says and what it does is different. Darling reveals the REAL cuts. Is it me or does Warsi look like Kirsty Allsop's sister?
Labour's message unravelling. Why did Gordon choose to campaign on the economy? Comfort zone?
Salmond says axe Trident! Well that's that then.

Q2. Strikes... No they won't bring down a government thats already on the way out. Liam mentions 1980's strikes, skipping the 1970's when the dockworkers pulled down the labour government. An audience member just mentioned it.

Q3. MP sleaze and a link to fag end governments. Tory/Labour.
Liam says ministers diaries should be open! This from the man trying to stop lobbydog!
Strong for LibDems. Good election platform, electoral reform, and is playing very well with the 'don't knows.'

Q4. Should SNP be on leaders debates? Even for a plant it was a good question, one should have seen coming.

Q5. The expulsion of 76 Russian diplomats. Wasn't expecting it. Minor story really

Dull, dull Q/T. Must try a new format. Maybe vote of panelists like the weakest link.

BQ - 3
HG - 1 for a close on leaders debate, 1 for Trident + 1.5 for the budget election question. Have you a new crystal ball? 3.5
ND - Oh dear. But 1 for the Broon trousers. -1
CU - SNP never answered that Q did they? Budget/strikes -2
Botogol - Budget/lobby/leaders and the scots MPs came up so -3.5
Miss SJ - Budget and lobbying - 2
Miss CD - Budget and lobby and 1/2 for the SNP. - 2.5
Lilith - No popes today. Hoon question -1
Malcolm Strikes + 0.5 for the 1979. Budget = 2.5

This weeks winners who now have to add or remove something from the budget are Hatfield Girl and Botogol. Well done.

HG - You know your fashion. Why did Julia Goldsworthy go on the panel dressed for Iraq?

Botogol said...

woo hoo..

Not a great show I agree, I went to bed before the end. Martin Sorrell was very subdued.

my prize .. a chewing gum tax, £1 a piece, all proceeds hypothecated to street cleaning. A vote winner if I ever heard one.

hatfield girl said...

I can only explain how I dress - though people might be more keenly aware that everyone else draws immediate conclusions from what we've got on.

Flat taxes, she said flatly.

James Higham said...

I like Hatfield Girl's:

Should Scotland's relationship with the European Union be revised to be similar to that of Norway?

How about:

Should England's relationship with the European Union be revised to be similar to that of Canada or New Zealand?