Sunday 18 April 2010

C@W digital switchover complete

Post to check systems after the switchover. The big digital SO has buggered up my freeview too. Infuriating.

Sunday competition.

Who's manifesto contained ..

"Protection for working class people. Strict limits for inflation. Guarantee of no increase to income tax. Raise the threshold at which peole pay no income tax at all. Help for first time buyers. Guaranteeing the overseas aid budget at 0.7% of GNP. Looking to improve the lot of the people of Britain as soon as economic circumstances permit..."

And it also had plenty about change.

The answer was the 'Sunny' Jim Callaghan manifesto of 1979 that tried to appeal to everyone.
Maggie Thatcher's manifesto was rather bland by comparison. Tiny hints at immigration, union reform and council house sell offs.
She won by 43 seats and put Labour out of power for 18 years.


Beater Max said...

Looks like a mix of Clegg-Brown-Cameron manifesto.

Old BE said...

Ahh much better. I got a very "Sad Mac"-like error message on Chrome when I tried to load up yesterday!

Anonymous said...


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Strict limits to inflation"

And porcine aviators for all, no doubt.

Does anyone take this rubbish seriously?

Nick Drew said...

nice one

I still reckon '79 is the model for this election

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Still think that Cameron will win with a comfortable majority.

& quote of the week

Bill Quango MP said...

JJ. Doesn't look like it..but who knows?