Wednesday 7 April 2010

Question Time

"Good morning Mr Brown....I've been expecting you."

David Dimbleby will be joined in Woking by David Miliband, Theresa May, Sir Ming Campbell, Simon Schama and Janet Daley.

Special Wednesday election edition. Woking is a Lib/Con split, but with a significant Muslim population , if that helps frame the audience.

I wonder if there will be any crisps questions.

#1 - How will the major parties seek to capture the undecided.

#2 - Is the National Insurance tax a tax on jobs?

#3 -Something about gay boarding houses being forced to accept Fundamentalist Islamic guests..

#4 - Is the government taxing fuel a way to stoke up inflation?

# 5 - Do the leader's debates give an unfair advantage to the Lib Dems?

# 6 Who would Tiger vote for?

Up to 6 questions...
winner gets two tickets to ride in a battlebus of their choice.


Miss CD said...

1. Brown's teamwork - We all hang together.
2. Catholic church has lost its way
3. Should the public be allowed to boot out fiddling MPs.
4. Is it possible to find 60 billion of efficiency savings?
5. In a hung parliament should Gordon Brown remain as prime minister?
6. Is twitter going to mess up all the plans of the spin doctors?

Malcolm Tucker said...

1 Fixed term Parliaments
2 Proportional representation
3 Ringfence NHS isn't possible
4 Christian rights aren't respected
5 If even the cider tax can't be got through now, should the government stop making legislation promises it can't keep.
6 Can we trust the OECD's figures for super growth?

CityUnslicker said...

I can't cope with the economic illiteracy on display in this programme - and this is in Surrey!

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1: N.I. Is Gordon mad.. Janet Daley from the Telegraph says he is 'economically illiterate.' How the mighty have fallen.
Milibland managed to undermine himself by saying efficiency savings are illusory. Its fun when the Tories deploy Labour's own lies against them. Hard for Miliband to defend the tax on jobs because that's what it is.
Simon Scharma, oddly, not coming out for Labour. If Gordon's lost Scharma then he's lost the election.
OECD got a mention Malcolm

Q2: Tory Homophobia question. And a big round of applause.
Cameron really should have given Iain Dale a seat. Have to say I agree with Ming and Miliband. If you run a business then you must obey the laws.

Q3. Whats the point of voting Labour if Brown is going to leave anyway? Miliband says yes. Muted applause from die hard Labour supporters. None from anyone else.
Fun for Ming and Daley.
Scharma bored through a different question that wasn't asked.

Q4: will the Libs support a party that doesn't support proportional representation. Ming does a big speech about how Lib Dems are going for government without help. Not terribly convincing.
Audience man smashes Miliband over constitutional reform. Nail squarely on the head. Bollocks spoken by Miliband about Lords reform being impossible because of the numbers of peers. A total fabrication, which is not something QT normally has as politicians are normally more careful in their choice of words.

Q5:Gordon is middle class. Is that essential. A sort of toff question. And an odd one. BBC producers at work there I think.

Next three QTs are live.

BQ 2

Miss CD Just the 1 for Brown remaining.

Malcolm Tucker: 2 + 1/2 for OECD.
Makes you the winner out of a poorly attended and probably poorly viewed Question Time quiz.

SJ. Got your text too late to enter you.
But it was 2.

Steven_L said...

Bollocks BQ, it was:

1) election
2) election
3) election
4) election
5) election

Philipa said...

I think Miliband's responses will be played again and again. He thinks Gordons the right man for the job you know.

Bill Quango MP said...

SL: Ok..I'll put you down for 6xelection next week. you'll storm it.

Philipa. He was under pressure and only partially able to deal with it. In the end he just settled for bare faced lies. "I never said that"
"I've always supported Brown"
"This government has always put electoral reform first"
"We are a team. Gordon is a great leader who I have always supported"
Feeble really. And Gordon insisting, in his own special needs way, that the N.I. tax is "the right thing to do"
He'll keep on saying that even when 10,000 business leaders have said its the wrong thing.

He is a gift to any opposition and has been since his first PMQ's.
"You're all wrong!I'm Great! You're too stupid to see the great plan. I never back down..I can't be made to look ridiculous! Listen to me. I'm always right!"

James Higham said...

What provision for gay, disabled, ageing, black, Eastern European women?