Thursday 29 April 2010

Question Time

David Dimbleby is joined in the West Midlands by Ed Balls, Vince Cable, Alex Salmond, Janet Street Porter and a fifth panelist still to be confirmed.

Hmmm..What could the first question be?
But this goes out straight after the leader's debates so economy questions likely.

Q1. Has Gordon blown the election again.
Q2. Taking money out of the economy by refusing to implement NI tax will cause a Tsunami of cuts.
Q3. Will the Greek tragedy have any effect on the UK.
Q4.Is Mervyn right? Is this the election to lose and is Gordon in fact a genius?
Q5. Something about proportional representation for Clegg.

Winner gets to ask the PM a bigoted question of their choice.


Bill Quango MP said...
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Miss CD said...

1 - Gordon's blunder damages Labour
2- Greek debt - are we at risk here
3- Who emerged top from all three debates
4 - Immigration.Who will really dare to discuss it. Is Clegg's amnesty a vote loser.
5 - Hung parliament. Could Gordon possibly stay on?

Philipa said...

* Bigot-gate
* immigration
* defecit payback; taxes/Greece
* Cancer/NHS/fighting dirty
* crime
* manufacturing/jobs/BNP

Philipa said...

I like Miss CD's #5 - hope that gets asked.

Miss S-J said...

1 - Gillian Duffy
2 - Leaders debates
3 -Tory schools policy
4 - Will the Leader's debate decide the election..It was the BBC whom won it.
5 - The IFS figures and the debt crisis.

Malcolm Tucker said...


hung parliament
teachers attacking pupils

Timbo614 said...

1) The last Debate (even tho' it had to be asked before the debate happened) - Who "won"
2) The Greek debt contamination
3) Lib-dem Immigration amnesty
4) Duffy-gate
5) Something light-hearted :)

Bill Quango MP said...

Cameron 35% Clegg 33% Brown -2% or something.

Q1 - Who won all the debates. Miss CD & S-J nailed that one. Panel writing off Brown. Even Balls can't spin a Brown won them.
JSP good on tax credits. Boring on her 'macho' hobby horse. She does it every time. Politicians are macho. Bankers are macho. Bullfighters are macho...

SNP question. How odd? Must be a one cares.

Q2 - have the leaders told the truth over tax and spend.
Not really. JSP got the R4 figures wrong. £90,000 / household. Not £90,000 a household a year.
Still a massive deficit.
Balls talks..well Balls. 82% unspecified cuts from all parties.
See CU's post below for some areas that are inevitably going to be looked at.

Balls and Fox absolutely hammered on the VAT non answer. Cable shows the way. "We can't rule it out"
{Vat is going to 20% at least. We've said it here before.}

Q3 - Are you a bigot to ask the PM about immigration?. Apparently so.
However.. Its all blamed on Gordon. Rightly so.
Cable tries his amnesty isn't amnesty and Dimbleby, who has had a very good night, teases him.

Q4 -Did Gordon Brown’s attacks on Tory policy indicate a Labour-Lib Dem coalition?
Clegg shown that he would work with Brown. Salmond keen to get into a Lib Dem bed. Vince a big cuddle. Surprisingly Fox wins a difficult question.

BQ - 1 for some supplementaries.
Miss CD 2+ 1 for sups - 3
Philipa - 1 + 1 for sups - 2
Miss S-J -2 and a sup =3
Malcolm - 3
Timbo614 - 3 also

A hung Parliament.
Miss CD, Miss S-J, Malcolm Tucker and Timbo614 get to try and form a government and ask a bigoted question.

Next week is the election.
Place your bets.

Timbo614 said...

It will be a nicely balanced parliament well hung with 4 good points then :)

James Higham said...

Q6 Did anyone notice the EU elephant in the auditorium?