Tuesday 6 April 2010

UK Electoin madness starts - How long 'til the World Cup?

The latter after all tends to be quite enjoyable, the UK election is set to be the opposite. As some readers will be aware the Capitalists herewith take a great deal of interest in UK and Global Politics, but this election is so long in the making (since Oct '07!) that the lusture of it has been dulled, plus there is some genuinely weird background noise:

- This is an election Gordon Brown does not want, he has held on until the (very) bitter end of a 5 year term.
- Neither does the 'Rotten' Parliament - so keen are the MP's not to do their jobs that over 50% will be replaced because they are not standing or will lose their seats.
- None of the future Chancellors wants the job either; How do I know this? Well given the massive woppers on public spending they all told at their recent debate; the truth is going to hurt when one of them gets the keys to No 11.
- Sam Cameron did not want this election either, she wanted to model herself on Dennis Thatcher.
- Alistair Darling does not want this election for another reason, that being Gordon Brown is going to sack him if he wins.
- Many Tories don't want this election because they want Labour to have to clear up the mess they have made.
- Many in the Labour party don't want to win this election because they fear having to clean up the mess they have made.
- The Lib Dems don't want to win an election because then they may have to have a policy they stick to nationally and that will be the end of them.
- Despite what people say, the markets don't want this election either, they have allowed the UK to suspend disbelief over the frailties of its finances; a decisive new Government is not going to get an easy ride.
- The turnout for the election is likely to be low becuase of the Rotten Parliament ramifications. Votes for smaller parties will grow - yet the coverage in the media will be all about Brown and Cameron who will poll maybe only 2/3'rds of the votes.

So there you go, no one wants this election (betters at politicalbetting.com aside) - I say bring on the World Cup, at least 50% of the population is in favour of that!


Budgie said...

I know what you are saying - your comments are apposite. But I want the election because I can't stand the suspense any more. The last two years have been agony. I have watched as all three main parties have stitched us up over Lisbon; and as Labour has won the propaganda war to shrug off their corruption and blame the recession on America, the bankers or Thatcher. Coupled with the gigantic waste and incompetence in government; crippling debt; grinding taxes, the destruction of the pension system and the global warming hoax I have had enough.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I look forward to throwing this lying incompetent bunch of scumbags, these vile sacks of shit, out of office. The fact I will have to do so while holding my nose as I look at the unappetising Lord Snooty and his chums - who I fear may turn out to be more of the same - does not dilute my pleasure at the prospect of ejecting this present pack of leeches with their dubious personal morality, their lack of intellectual attainment and their vile grubbing after money and favours.

Call Me Dave had better turn into a proper a Tory after the election, that's all. I do hope he is simply lying low in order not to frighten the horses. After the election I want some Thatcherite red meat. The first thing I want to see - this is just petty vindictiveness on my part - is the cessation of all public sector advertising in the Grauniad. Let the pinkos feel the chill of the free market.

Ah, that feels better. I shall stop frothing at the mouth now. I will still need that Ramipril & Amlodipine though!

Anonymous said...

I need change too, I'm sick and tired of photoshopping Gordon's ugly mug each day.

CityUnslicker said...

I want change, just interesting how really the Country is tired of electioneering already. Hopefully a few people may twig what a disaster a hung Parliament would be in terms of over-active politicians!

Due to a recent House move I don't think I will be registered to vote in time! Living in a very blue safe seat means I am not too worried about this!

Edindie said...

All talk eh, Mr Unslicker??

It's starting to look like I live in a rotten borough (lucky lucky us), in fact most of the boroughs round this way seem pretty rotten. I best make sure I'm in the country for the first week in May!