Tuesday 25 May 2010

BP = Beyond Parody: Mandy on Manoeuvres

When we read a carefully-planted newspaper story that Mandy is being considered as a replacement for Tony Hayward at BP, we may be fairly sure that he is (in the immortal words of William Hague) on manoeuvres.

Let's see if this self-serving little rumour bubbling up from the darkest depths does anything to halt the leakage in BP's market cap, which has lost $47 billion since the oil-spill became public knowledge.



Budgie said...

Well, he has got good Russian contacts, as well as being on first name terms with the Middle East Peace Envoy himself.

Bill Quango MP said...

Are you implying that rumours about Lord M's suitability for a high profile business role is being put about by himself?

Surely an ex business and trade secretary doesn't need to float made up stories about himself in the manner of an 'E' list celeb phoning up Hello to say they are now dating Ashley Cole?

But then ..old habits die hard.

CityUnslicker said...

is he not bound by some piece of paper saying he is not to take such a job for at least 5 mins after leaving office?

on second thoughts, is it April 1st today?

measured said...

I am pleased you saw this through this too, just like Brown for the Head of the IMF or Bliar for Europe. Had it been Chairman it might have been plausible, but CEO? ROFL.

Great picture; you got the eyes just right. It can't have been straightforward to draw a dark horse.

Nick Drew said...

thanks, measured

the mouth, at least, was easy !