Friday 21 May 2010

Picture Quiz

Picture Quiz

All of these images have been used to describe various political people in the news this week. Admittedly the people have been described as these characters mostly by posters on Guido but still...

Who are they supposed to represent.

Mostly done on looks.

Dr Doolittle - Vince Cable
Ant & Dec - Dave & Nick
Imelda Marcos - Theresa May
Ming the Merciless - Ming Campbell
Melvyn Hayes - Andy Burnham
Curtis & Moore - Osborne & Laws
Brewster Chuggington - Ed Balls
{ I admit I started that one}
Big Bird - Dianne Abbott
Bert and Ernie - Dave & Ed Miliband


Malcolm Tucker said...

Ant and Dec are Clegg and Cameron.
Dave and Nick will probably be standing that same way too.
DAVE & NICK with Dave always on the right.

Nick Drew said...

the evil svengali Professor Higgins - Peter Mandelson

small annoying man in suit holding large wedge of wonga - Speaker Bercow

tall sad-faced man in suit not holding large wedge of wonga - MP having had expenses claim summarily rejected

Imelda Marcos - Cherie Blair

Ming the Merciless - Peter Mandelson

Gloria - Peter Melvynson

'Toupé' Curtis & 'Rugger' Moore - Andrew Neil interviewing Bruce Forsyth on election night

hi-speed train - star of all 3 parties' election manifestos

large blob of scrambled egg - Dianne Abbott (OK only kidding Dianne, it's really the Lovely Laura)

pair of muppets - Merkel & Sarkozy

I know one! said...

Fon't know about the rest but the pair of muppets at the bottom right were the Militwit bros

Anonymous said...

Rex Harrison is Peter Mandelson
Ant and Dec are Clegg and Cameron
Imelda -? probably Cherie
Ming is Ming Campbell
Milibands are Bert and Ernie
dont know any more

James Higham said...

Another one way over my head, Bill. You're too intellectual for me.

Nick Drew said...

come on Mr Q, we are waiting to learn whether the MP having had expenses claim summarily rejected is you