Thursday 27 May 2010

Question time predictor.

David Dimbleby is joined in Gravesend{Gaysend on the website?}in Kent by Alastair Campbell, Piers Morgan, John Redwood, Max Hastings and Susan Kramer.

Guess the questions that the panel will be asked. Score bonus points for correct phrases and defence lines. Guessing the attack lines with Campbell in mind will be class based.

  1. 6 billion of almost insignificant cuts. Hitting the poorest families?
  2. Eu Levy on the banks. Tories won't implement protecting their toff mates.
  3. John Redwood and capital gains. Tory landowners won't pay their share of taxes
  4. Lisbon treaty to be renegotiated. Tories split over Europe.
  5. Schools and how the new proposals will only benefit rich toffs
  6. Alistair's 'real' diaries still seem a bit redacted?
This weeks prize is to get to design the coalition logo


Miss CD said...

1} Schools for parents {someone mentions grammar schools by the back door}
2} Seat belts for buses
3} 6 billion of cuts
4} Capital gains
5} Legalise brothels
6} Vince Cable's resignation - coalition begins to unwind

Malcolm Tucker said...

Eu bank levy
North Korea
Capital gains on second homes
Ban on currency trading
Labour leadership Milibands.

Nick Drew said...

looks like a Sex Special this week, what with 'novelist' Campbell and red-top Morgan:

1) protection for sex workers
2) can 9-year olds really be done for rape ?
3) that Fergie - slapper, or what ?

Timbo614 said...

Hmm, Tricky week methinks. New tactics needed this week to score phrase points :)

1) 256 Billion more to the E.U. Bank/slush fund from the UK. Didn't we (taxpayers) already Pay? "We can't afford it"
2) Agree 8/10 year olds, playing "Doctors and Nurses" will be on the agenda with the question is it exposure to soft porn/too much sex in EastEnders on TV?
3) How many more people are going to be thrown on the dole/into misery by new incapacity benefit test? Where are the jobs for them?
4) Can we trust the Tories any more than labour now that HMRC have sent out the wrong details to the wrong people?
5) New Academies, Will Parents have to pay more for "better" schools?
6) if time something light hearted :)

Timbo614 said...

P.S. Meant to add:
The EURO: Invented in Europe. Made in China

Mark Wadsworth said...

Some dumbass question about the Euro, either some leftie saying we should have joined or we should bail them out; or somebody who doesn't understand the first thing about currencies complaining about the Euro 'dragging sterling down'.

Miss S-J said...

1.Schools funding to be cut
2.Paywalls for news content
3.University: Does it just cost more while being worth less
4.serial killers and prostitutes. Legalise them.{prostitutes, not serial killers}
5.Suntan cream for babies

Botogol said...

got home too late to guess, but watching it now. Quite the best QT for ages: AC, PM, JR and MH all on the panel together, and great value. Rockabout fun.

Bill Quango MP said...

Opening blows by ..Dimbelby. Bashing the gov.

Q1. 6 billion cuts. Campbell says its a disaster. The advantage for Labour being in opposition is they can claim all the things they said in the election were true, while everyone else lied. Morgan talks absolubte bollocks. Dimbleby not chairing it well.
{Is this going to be the BBC ways forward on balance. Having ex MPs on?}

Q2. Two tier education. Audience says grammer schools. Becomes a university cuts question. Morgan manages to talk even less sense. Both Campbell and Morgan said Labour has pumped billions into schools therefore education is a sucess? Kramer doesn't really know.

Q3. Labour leadership and war in Iraq. {should have spotted this with the BBCs attacker on the panel}. Morgan/Campbell clash. Piers wants an apology. Careful Piers. Alistair can always bring up the fake photos. Person who comes out worst is Ed Balls who takes a hit from Campbell and Morgan.

Q4. Backbenchers are derailing the coalition... + a sneaky capital gains question. Somehow ended up as the left won the election.

Q5. Fergie question. Piers on the panel makes it a likely one.

BQ - 3.
Miss CD - 4
Malcolm Tucker - 3
ND - 1 for fergie. {good spot}
Timbo614 - 1 + 1/2 for cuts. {Always check the panel..}
MW - no euro this week. They don't often do europes problems on QT. But 1/2 point as there was a very dumb leftie in the audience.
Miss S-J - 1 + 1/2 for unis.

This weeks winner is

Miss CD with 4.
Choose that logo. How about a lib dem cuckoo in a Tory oak tree nest?

Bill Quango MP said...

Botogol. _ quite agree.Was the best for a long time. Weakest was Dimbleby himself who let it all just away. Time for a change I think.

Just shows that having top tier people makes a difference. Morgan is an arse but a very convincing and articulate arse. Hastings is past it but can still return a few serves. Redwood is good value and Campbell is the master of his art.

measured said...

.... & Kramer, BQ? Wise to duck that one. I can't remember what she said.

Iraq: I was pleased Piers was allowed to try and pin down Campbell on WMD.

Redwood: Where has this cool dude been?

Botogol said...

@billquango - and I agree with you on Dimbleby. Just moments ago I was thinking I would like to see Andrew Neil have a go. He's on a bit of a roll recently but I have a tiny suspicion that 'This Week' might just have peaked, ie a good time to leave.

Hmmm, but then: is Neil generally far too star-struck - would he connect with the members of the audience properly. It's quite a tough show to do.

Miss CD said...


The logo should be the

Mellow Birds


janchild said...

Agree Dimblebey attacked new gvt and didn't chair well.....time to be put out to grass perhaps alongside one or two other BBC types...Jenni Murray on Woman's Hour springs to mind and (heaven help me for mentioning it) David Attenborough