Tuesday 11 May 2010

UK Now Squarely In With The PIGS

With the Euro-bailout operation successfully concluded (for the time being), bond yields among the PIGS have fallen. Meanwhile, the UK's position is inching towards the precipice: bond prices down, yields up, and the situation is as follows - 10-year government bond yields as at 10:00 today

Greece 8.12 %

Portugal 4.87 %

Italy 4.05 %

UK 3.97 %

Spain 3.95 %

So there we have it. No better than PIGS. Finger out, Clegg: ditch Grandpa Cable - he's not needed on this voyage.



Bill Quango MP said...

Getting tired of Clegg.
Make a decision Mr Clegg. If you make the wrong one it matters not. An opportunity to make another choice will come along very soon.

Mark Wadsworth said...

It's "PIIGGS" actually - Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Great Britain and Spain.