Friday 7 May 2010

View from the City on Exit Poll

 By way of record, oi have been speaking to a number of senior City types this evening, here are some of the quotes:

"The big fear is that the Lib Dems get anywhere near power, their crazed policies of attacking the City and demanding an end to bonus's and high wages is simply insane. Any chance of these policies becoming law really would push the hot money out of the UK and into the Far East" MD, UK Owned State Bank

"With the market ructions this week it just shows how important stable Government is. I am hopeful of a slight Tory majority still, but a minority Government probably will not be too bad. The Markets will be glad to see the back of the Government pretending all was well as Rome burnt" Trader, Large American Bank

"I am surprised at the lack of impact of the Lib Dems, my daughter voted for them with all her friends today. Maybe a bit of a shock to them that the X-Factor does not work in the real world" Partner, City Law Firm


Bill Quango MP said...

Surreysex easy result.

Laura Ashley - lib dem - 2,344
Bill Quango - conservative - 22,456
Leon Lenin - Lab - 4

Con hold.

The Returning Officer said...

may I be the first ... etc etc

(used notes, usual arrangement, thank you kindly squire)

CityUnslicker said...

congrats BQ