Tuesday 22 June 2010

Ah Well - As Predicted ...

Vitaï Lamenta

There’s a breathless hush, twas a close-fought fight
No.10 gained in a famous win.
A bumpy economy, money tight -
Bad; but at last our man is in.
And it’s not coalition that sticks in the throat
Or the selfish hope of avoiding pain
But History’s Hand on the tax-payer’s scrote -
'Pay up! pay up! and pay again!'

The exchequer’s books are sodden red,
Red with the ink of a bank that’s broke;
And Darling's out; New Labour dead;
And Mandelson gone in a puff of smoke.
The river of debt has wrecked the banks,
As Brown skulks off with blackened name
And the tax-payer hears, as Sterling tanks -
'Pay up! pay up! and pay again!'

These are the words that year by year,
Whenever a Chancellor’s plans are set,
Everyone who pays tax must hear,
And none that hears it can forget.
This they must all – yes, each man must
Bear through life like a ball and chain,
And cursing Brown for his boom and bust
'Pay up! pay up! and pay again!'

(... except that, errr, Sterling isn't tanking)



Steven_L said...

I told you that breakout against the euro had a lot going for it!

I've had a better look at the budget now and I wanna get short the GDP and inflation assumptions!

Fleeced expat said...

"Sterling isn't tanking" - which is just as well because where I live it has already tanked close to 40% over the past year or two against the local wonga; which leaves rather a large hole in the funds. I am sure I am not alone in this position.