Wednesday 9 June 2010

Gold vs Resource Equities; Capitalists@War

Hmmm..Gold hits a record high yesterday (in price if not in real terms). Meanwhile, Oil and Resources shares continue their enormous sell off.

So being June it is half way through the year and the score at half time is:


roym said...

im hurting badly on this now.

sold at a loss on xtr, sitting on paper losses on emed, bhr, ast and xel. pah!

CityUnslicker said...

shite ain't it. I still think the FTSE will turn around, as soon as it goes below 5000 there ia a pretty strong bounce, suggests this is the floor.

I am down over 60% on XTR, 50% on AST. Emed 10% down but good new there so that is one I will continue to invest into. The former too are into the bottom draw until next year. Dusters - always the risk with these oilies.

i am well up on XEL, bought in sub 50 so happy to sit even though half the profit has gone!

Wish I had more funds to top up with though, topping up at the bottom did me so well last year.

m said...

Huge paper loss on FTE... getting close to 40%

paper loss on emed but believe long term hold
liquidated most share a few weeks ago except for the above ones

Steven_L said...

Yeah, I've had the impression Nick's quite good at this for a while now.

The amount of calls he's made throughout the last 3 years I'm expecting to see him on the Sunday Times rich next year.

I should listen to him more. I've ditched the Ruffer European Fund about 2% down and I reckon it's going into silver you know.

Nick Drew said...

took a bath (cold) on a whole bunch of US$ prefs in 2007, Steven, which got my Crisis off to a v.bad start

am now ahead overall - until you factor in the pension, which being a long-term thing isn't very easy to assess but I fear it drags my averages down

Steven_L said...

I've done OK with the sensible non leveraged stuff in my ISA (beat the bank rates anyway).

It's the inner gambler in me that keeps spunking money on over-leveraged cfd trades and spread bets that makes me down.

So, seen as we no longer call a spade a spade anymore, have changed the accounting rules etc I pretend that was my gambling/entertainment budget and I'm actually doing well :)

I'm getting bearish to be honest, I'm thinking a stack of silver, hedged with these proshare ultrashorts, one on China crashing and one on T Bills crashing.

We're doomed!

CityUnslicker said...

Still 100% up since crisis started, just not doing so well. Though IAE news helped today.

Timbo614 said...

Any thoughts on BP? - Hit 345 first thing this morning.... Now about 370.

Is she gonna blow or rise like a phoenix?

Otherwise paper losses all round my last session of divi skimming was a bit too brave :(