Saturday 17 July 2010

The Now Show.

The Now Show this week remarked on political memoirs being given film titles. The Third Man was the butt of a few jokes.

"The advert for his book is like Roald Dahl in Tales from the Unexpected. But as we've heard what he has to say many times before the only
surprising thing would be if he turned to camera and said "I'm not even slightly gay"

For the weekend:
Political memoir film titles for
Peter Mandelson
Gordon Brown

Tony Blair

Margaret Thatcher

Zac Goldsmith
Michael Gove
Dianne Abbott
among others..

Punt and Dennis offered up
Gordon - Unforgiven or Apocalypse now.
Tony - Liar Liar

I offer,
Alistair Darling - Face Off
Tony Blair - Its a wonderful life.
Gordon Brown - Psycho
Peter Mandelson - The Dark Knight
Dianne Abbott - Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland


Nick Drew said...

Blair - For a Few Dollars More
Brown - Raging Bull
Thatcher - Jurassic Park
Goldsmith - Gone With The Wind
Gove - Alien
Mandelson - Carry On Up The Khyber...

Steven_L said...

Brown - Brewsters Millions
Blair - Wargames
Mandleson - Hungarian Farm Boys (it's a XXX I saw bagged up in an evidence store once - honest)

that's enough movies for me :)

Anonymous said...

Maggie Thatcher - blue velvet
Gordon Brown - fight Club
Michael Gove - Night of the living dead
Harriet Harman - Nanny Mcphee
Tony Blair - Life is beautiful
Dianne Abbott - No country for old men

mark said...

Gordon Brown - IMF'n Trouble

James Higham said...

Shouldn't that be Gordon Brown, Godfather?

Anonymous said...

@Carry On Up The Khyber

-Are u allowed to say that?

naturalnoble said...

Geoff Hoon (foreword by Stephen Byers) - The Usual Suspects