Tuesday 24 August 2010

Cityunslicker's trading update - Aug 2010

Symbol         Last price      Purchase price      YTD 2010

MNR             88                    24                      10%

EMED          10                      9                      -15%

CDN            47                     58                     -10%
XTR              1.3                   3.3                     -40%
AST              3.6                    6.3                     -40%

IAE              117                    47                      40%

KMR             16                     11                      30%

GKP            115                     93                      25%

KDD            10.5                  13.5                    -30%

FTE               4.8                   11.25                   -55%

FUM            43.75                 43.75                     0%

SEY              121                    155                     -20%

XEL               71                      48                        50%

Heritage Sold 570 15%

Chariot Sold 70 100%

Invista European Real Estate Sold 30 30%

Petra Diamonds Limited Sold 80 25%

Pan Pacific Aggregates plc Sold .79 0%

African Eagle Resources plc Sold 4.5 15%

Dana Petroleum Sold 1700 20%

Short Wheat ETF Sold 69 8%It has been a slow summer compared to earlier this year. As ever, my high risk strategy shows a propensity for some really good winners and frankly abysmal under performers. Some long term bets like AST and XTR have not produced the goods yet when its comes to their drilling for oil and it really shows. Equally, Chariot and GKP have more than made up for this. IAE too although suffering after a placing, is recovering well and is now my biggest holding. I had high hopes for EMED this year and it is due permit news soon, once this happens there will be a nice bounce.

New additions to the portfolio include FUM, a tip from Chop Bear, who are about to launch a revolutionary condom and also Kenmare Resources, an FT Alphaville markets live tip for a very undervalued resources company.

Overall for the YTD I am about 15% up, against a market 7% down. Still the aim is to get to 100% up by the year end, but need some luck and good news along the way.


Guido Fawkes said...

Stopped trading in March up 38%. Will probably bet the shop on the bond market coming off at some point.

CityUnslicker said...

Guido - have been in awe of your march decision - we were about the same then and I ended up in thr red, had coem so close to selling main positions too.

Can't see me beating you this year unless the event driven newsflow on some os my stocks goes really well.

Trading Courses said...

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Budgie said...

What's with Kopane and the takeover? It does not seem good for them (and me!).

Everything down today. But as you say GKP good the last couple of months.

Savonarola said...

I owe you for Chariot. African Aura (aim) for long haul.

Anonymous said...

"FUM about to launch a revolutionary condom"

So FUM arouses your interest then?

Decent market penetration expected?

And dare we ask what FU stands for? ... no, we'd better not.

CityUnslicker said...

Bdugie - well I was hoping for a cash takeover at 18p to see about a 50% profit on my investment. So not great to be getting FDI shares instead, however FDI are going to finally get the lighbong mine going to in the medium term perhaps this will be a better winner. Did not really want it to be a medium term play though. Also once the deal is finally signed off by FDI I expect to see a decent rise from where we are now.

CityUnslicker said...

Sav - thanks, will check African Aura. I think AFE is a good one too that I will go back to when I free up some funds - just need some winners first.

Anon - Sex sells, I'm all in....