Sunday 26 September 2010

Ed Balls reflects.

With Ed Miliband's victory, it seems brother Dave might get the shadow chancellors job.
Poor David Miliband must be kicking himself that he behaved like Friedrich Fromm when James Purnell began the Operation Valkyrie coup against Brown.
Still, With his brother in charge he's guaranteed a job.

Not so for the candidate who was the real heir. The heir to Brown should have been gifted the party, much as Brown was by Blair.

What now for Ed Balls?

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Steven_L said...

Not much will change, he'll probably go back to schools, Burnham to health, Abbot to the back benches and TV.

I reckon they'll go with the Ed Ball's strategy of raging against the cuts however, but not all-out deficit denial.

I wouldn't be surprised if you start to hear a lot about the 'tax gap' and financial transactions taxes.

They all talk bollocks, the 'cuts' will involve pensioning off loads of lazy old folk who want to be pensioned off, then reorganising what is left.

Anonymous said...

I expect he and Yvette will dedicate themselves to trousering every last tax-payer ££ in sinecures, paid consultancy, dodgy charidees etc. etc. So much to learn from the Kinnocks.

Marchamont Needham said...

Once they work out the costs, it may well be the lazy young folk who get pensioned off.

Demetrius said...

Ed Balls? Overseas Aid and Tax Justice?

Nick Drew said...

not knowing the Labour party rules, I sort of assume he will get elected to the ShadowCabinet and must be given summat

the correct answer, from Miliband's perspective, is to deliver a public flogging, even more crushing than Demetrius suggests; there is no need to be 'broad-minded' or inclusive with his kind

the thought of him firmly outside the tent trying desperately to piss in, is one that should appeal as Ed establishes his authority

"Shadow Minister for the Re-introduction of Probity and Civility in Public Life" - guest appearances only at Shadow Cabinet (non-voting)

Note to Editors: Ed Balls typifies the kind of politics we are moving on from, starting today

Budgie said...

This is a difficult one for St Ed, despite the support of the BBC.

St Ed will need to park the non-saintly Ed where he can do no harm. If St Ed makes an enemy of Balls-up, we will be entertained by a split new, old New-Labour.

At least St Ed seems to have driven football off the BBC.