Friday 10 September 2010

Friday Round-Up

Here are some posts I have been reading this week from the UK Economics/Business bloggers:

Tim Worstall notes how a small omission can tell you alot.

A Very British Dude has an interesting take on Casino banking (I'll excuse his couple of factual errors, the principle is interesting).

Monevator on the dangesr of illiquid small cap shares (mind my tips then!)

Free tea with Neil Hume at the FT for those who want it.

Bearwatch shows some respect to Goldmans

Financial Shaman Fowke weighs in on Goldmans too (play nice now)

Chris Dillow on wages and corruption in cricket.

ASI on our discombobulated tax system

Alex does not like Willie Walsh

Flip Chart sees the true costs of media outcries (sad, but true)

Hope you enjoy them, I did. The Business blogoshpere is in rude health at the moment.


Rick said...

Thanks for the link CU.

Since I started my blog I've noticed a lot more business blogs have appeared.

Business blogging is, indeed, alive and kicking.

Jackart said...

Is that the ING howler? Spotted & Corrected!

Michael Fowke said...

The British business/financial blogosphere still can't compete with the American scene though. Maybe we don't get all the support and attention we should from the MSM (which would be a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas, I suppose). But never mind, blogging is still the future.

John said...

i have to say, Flipchart implies that the Guardian has been screaming out for spending cuts, which i don't think is correct. The Guardian is concerned that the spending cuts are unfair and unproportionally targeting the poor and vulnerable, including childrens services.