Thursday 30 September 2010

Poll Next Week - Best UK Business/Economics Blog

Instead of the usual weekly round up this weekend I want to do a list of the top UK blogs for business and economic news. The trouble is, that as a relatively niche area I am sure I don't even come close to having to having a good list.

What should we do about the dead tree press, let them in? it seems mean not to have Ambrose Evans-Pritchard but then I doubt he would ever describe himself as a blogger. Perhaps instead a later competition for most influential commentator?

So buy the power of crowd source please can you help me come up with the nominations: so far I have,

Tim Worstall
FT Alphaville
Robert Peston
Stephanie Flanders
Mark Kleineman
Burning Our Money
Michael Fowke
John Redwood
Stumbling and Mumbling
Tax Trust
Labour and Capital
Adam Smith Institute
Market Oracle
Duncans economic blog

I am sure this is not even close and so please nominate in the comments too - self-promotion welcome.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Me! Me!

And stick Edmund Conway on the list.

Also, you have to distinguish between 'journalists who write about economics' and 'economists who blog'. That's like the difference between a sports commentator and an actual athlete.

AEP for example is very much a mere commentator.

Steven_L said...

If Peston and Flanders are on there no reason AEP shouldn't be.

There's the Financial Crimes, but it seems to be less and less about business these days, shame because he seems to know what he's talking about on banks.

James S said...

Paul Mason (economics ed for news night) has an excellent blog.

Marco said...

Here's a great list list of financial bloggers.

Marco said...

This is a personal favourtie, which I always find interesting.

P.S. And ignore the site I attached to my name in the previous comment, typed in .com by accident.

Laban said...

John Hempton. Very impressive.

Edward Hugh at A Fistful Of Euros

Edward Harrison at Credit Writedowns.

Oh. UK Blogs. Sorry.

Savonarola said...

Financial Crimes

chris said...

I would have liked to vote for Andrew Clavell's Financial Crookery blog, but it appears to have been a little quiet of late. If it's moved then maybe someone can shed some light?


Botogol said...

the Epicurean Dealmaker - although he seems to be have been busy on other things for a while now :-(

CityUnslicker said...

Thanks all, keep 'em coming. I agree with quite a few of these blogs having dropped out - quitters!

Anonymous said...

zero hedge (barking mad)
and the (sadly not updated enough but excellent when it is)

Andrew B said...

What worries me is that I think most of the readers here, probably already read 60-80% of the list you posted and they (I) consider themselves widely read.

Laban said...

Edmund Conway ? The guy is an idiot. He wrote a Telegraph piece seriously proposing that we need more Karen Matthews ur-chav types churning out children because we need future workers. He didn't seem to consider that they're likely to be net tax recipients, not contributors !

"The man's practically certifiable.

Firstly, the underclass kids will all be on benefits themselves in 18 years. The least-educated mothers are the ones having more kids.

Secondly, according to the ONS figures on unemployment by ethnicity, all immigrant groups have lower employment rates than the natives. Now you can blame that on the evil racist Brits, but you can't have it both ways. They can't be at once both poor victims of unemployment AND doing the jobs the natives don't want to do.

Thirdly, both immigrant and underclass members who are in employment are likely to be in low-paid jobs where they cost more in government expenditure than they pay in taxes."