Monday 20 September 2010

Wild days in September

September is always a wild time for stocks, but I have never had a day like today. Firstly, bad days start with blackberry's breaking and computers failing. That plus a busy working day meant I did not even get to glance at the markets until midday.

Only to see two of my trading stocks down 50% - SEY and HAIK. SEY managed to hit water and not oil in Kurdistan - until now unheard of! HAIK was meant to have better results and not worse, so two big hits.

However, on balance it proved to be a good day overall with both GKP and XEL continuing their strong runs and MNR perking up - the day ended with my portfolio well in the blue.

Then we get to Eric Daniels retiring at Lloyds. Long expected, it nonetheless will be a big change as Eric has a whole Ex-Citi mafia and if one of them (Truett Tate) gets the top job all will be fine, if not then there could well be big changes at mid-management level at Lloyds too. Somehow I think Lloyds will go for an internal candidate; is there a betting market? Truett Tate and Helen Weir have to be the front runners.


View from the Solent said...

Isn't water in Kurdistan a valuable commodity?

Steven_L said...

is there a betting market?

You got a Western Union in the unslicker towers vacinity?

Bit more boring this end, RSA up a tad, Vodafone up a tad - but I see these as less risk long term than bank deposits!

Missed a lovely breakout on Sainsbury's I ummed and arred about by the looks of it. Keep waiting for it to get back down to 360p for a buy - oh well.

Drowning my sorrows about not having the balls to short dec coffee futures at 195p+ last week as we speak.

May the force be with you!

dex said...

Yeah Sterling hitting water was abig suprise, everythign about it looked like it was on track for a good hit. i was already preparing to hit myself for not puting any money in them as i watched their shares rocket.

On a side note though Cairn i saw did manage to hit oil apparently in greenland.