Thursday 28 October 2010

Question time again.

Question time rolls around again. Bit harder this week, only a few firm news stories and its from Glasgow, which usually means a very different show.

David Dimbleby is joined in Glasgow
Nicola Sturgeon, deputy first minister, deputy SNP, effective fox in the box.
Ed Davey,Lib Dem Mp for the Bentalls Centre and postie minister.
Chris Bryant,Labour Welsh Mp, 'ethnic cleansing' foolishness, Kay Burley slayer and all round oddball.
Hugh Hendry ,hedgie, most evil capitalist in society and blunter than Gordon Brown's memoirs writing pencil.
and Simon Schama, Labour supporter, historyman, clever, but not nearly as much fun as the Tory David Starkers .

Guess which questions will be asked and add them into the comments.
BQ say: No more

1] Housing benefits cap and social cleansing
2]EU fees, up yours Delores
3] should Scottish students pay fees
4] Police can no longer question suspects without a lawyer {cadder}
5] Postal services bill, PO want a 10 year lock into royal mail. HMG says erm..really?..don't think so.

Special this week is to try and spot the activist. Last week I'm pretty convinced the first questioner was a green, but can't be sure, so he's let off , but the last questioner, Tristan Learoyd, is a labour party activist.. says so here at the Redcar Constituency Labour party site.

C@W looking will be looking out for more sneaky politicos in the audience tonight ..


Miss CD said...

1 - Rent caps
2 - House price falls
3 - Internet shopping sales
4 - Fireman strike on Nov 5
5 - Google internet privacy

Miss S-J said...

Housing and social cleansing comment
Stop and search
Pre nuptial contracts
BA passenger checks
EU fees
Cuts to Scotland

Bill Quango MP said...


1- HB and Boris Johnson being irresponsible. {Ed Davey thinks Boris should apologise. So does everyone. Labour are on a loser with this resistance policy.Hendry got applause from a Glasgow audience! Just how outraged must people be if they clap the king of capitalism? Think again Miliband?}

2- Eu no to more cash.Hendry hits the nail again.. He gets badly bashed for being a banker, but fights back superbly. I'm coming round to this out of EU idea..certainly like to have a serious program on it.

3- GDP d'oh! should have guessed.
HH makes CU's pont on personal de leverage from previous thread.

4 - Torture wikileaks, MI6.
Scharma has a good line refusing to
discuss hypothetical situations that may never arise.

BQ - 2
CU - 1.5
Miss CD - 2
Miss S-J - 2

We all win.
Good program. I remember the Glasgow audience being sharp last time.