Thursday 14 October 2010

Question Time

David Dimbleby is joined in Cheltenham by David Willetts MP {'Two Brains' Willetts is minister for students,} Tessa Jowell MP,{shadow 'mortgage' minister..erm..Olympics minister.} Lord Phil Willis,{long serving liberal democrat, Life peer and Trident scrapper} Sir Max Hastings {Journalist, Tory supporter/Labour supporter, now Toryish again} Dr Maria Misra {university lecturer and QT regular}

Hmmm..does anyone think universities might be on the agenda?
Pick up to 5 topics you think may be asked and put them in the comments. Winner gets to choose the preferred bidder for Liverpool FC.

BQ's picks {oops, no offence Chilean miners} 1] University funding, fairness. 2] Quango cutting 3] Pension tax relief changes. 4] Postal services bill 5] Chilean miners rescue .


Miss CD said...

-University and student loans
-Chilean Miners, could we do it here?
-Quango cutting
-Biscuit dinner ladies apology
-Should teachers be having sex with pupils?

Bonfire man said...

- University funding {university}
- Diversity funding {quango}
- Too many cuts {adversity}
- Teacher sex with boy {Perversity}
- Green energy {bio-diversity}

hatfield girl said...

Will the panel send a British Foreign Secretary, whoever he may be, naked into the conference chamber. ... And call that statesmanship? Or will they call it an emotional spasm?

Does the panel agree with Lady Thatcher that a university education pays for itself? And that those who can benefit from it have as much claim to free access as have all to primary and secondary schooling?

Does the panel agree that prime ministers should be subject to the same laws as the rest of us, even in Italy, and that those who help to break the law are as guilty as those who instigate the crime?

Is the first job of government to make well-to-do people poor?

Should we all address each other by name and stop using titles that discriminate by rank, academic qualification, or marital status?

Bill Quango MP said...

Small turnout here tonight, which is just as well as I didn't watch it.
Shame as there were some hot topics.

From fast iplayer.

-Have the Lib Dems sold out younger voters. {fantastic bit where Tessa Jowell can't say what the Labour parties policy is! Like Michael Howard. How could she not be prepared for this question.? It wasn't a surprise.}

- Does it smack of incompetence that the government cannot even say how much money will be saved by the closure of 192 quangos?
{Note the wording. Gov = incompetent.Not are scrapping quangos a good thing?}

- What's the point of BBC Deputy Director General's redundancy to save money if they send 26 people to cover Chilean miners' story?

- Is Ed Miliband's decision to make Alan Johnson his shadow chancellor one he will come to regret?

- in light of Liverpool’s recent problems, is foreign ownership of football clubs bad for the game?

Miss CD - 3

Bonfire man {nicely worded} 3 + 1 for originality.

hatfield girl- 2 {miss Jowell not asked about her 'estranged' husband's dealing.}

BQ: 2

Winner is Bonfire man with 4.

Lots of BBC loving / bashing in the audience. Is it worth returning to the BBC in a post? Its been done so many times...but...bonfire of the quangos?
As Maria Misra said .. BBC is the biggest quango of them all. Something BQ was debating elsewhere just this evening...
shall we?