Thursday 18 November 2010

David Dimbleby will be joined in Swansea by:
Chris Grayling, {DWP minister and short-listed for Bigot of the year }
Carwyn Jones, {1st minister for Wales and former Swansea boy}
Kirsty Williams, {leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats .. can we see where this is going?}
Nerys Evans {The Plaid Cymru member to round out the table}
Lionel Barber {Journalist and UK FT editor}
Kelvin MacKenzie.{Murdoch's man, Scots attacker and clown}

Choose up to six questions you think may be asked tonight and put them into the comments. Going to be a bit regional. Scotland is normally good, Wales ..less so. We shall see.
Winner chooses the venue for the Royal Wedding

BQ say: Look away now if you don't want a hint

1. Welsh + Scots assembly cuts
2. Ireland is a mess.. bail 'em out.
3. Andy Coulson {no one cares but lets do it anyway}
4. Austerity weddings
5. Fifa corruption and UK footie bid.


James Higham said...

Chris Grayling, {DWP minister and short-listed for Bigot of the year }

He was a thorough gentleman when I talked to him. What's he done wrong now, Bill?

Anonymous said...

JH, GRAYLING was shortlisted for the Christian boarding house/gay thing.

Miss CD said...

- Living in Royal heaven in Wales.
- Royal wedding should take place in Swindon.
- Ireland bailout
-Cameron's photographer back down
- Immigration quotas
- Hospital closures.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Its all Welsh tonight..

Six out of 10 techniums to close {mentioned under assembly cuts. Wales needs more funding than anywhere else..}

National library cuts {under general PS cuts..Wales needs more funding..}

Hospital cuts {Under NHS is not ring fenced in Wales so should get more funding.}

Royal couple {they live in Wales so more funding needed}

Axed army training centre was wrong decision {mentioned in an armed forces leaks question. Now need more funding to make up for this PFI white elephant being cancelled}

Miss SJ said...

1 Cuts to welsh budget
2 Ireland
3 Royals
4 Defence leaks
5 School suspensions

Steven_L said...

Is Kirsty Williams the kinda fit one?

hatfield girl said...

Why has Wales got FOUR universities? One in Cardiff should do it: North Walians only talk among themselves in tongues anyway.

Is Kingsley Amis's a true representation of South Walians? If so, why are the rest of us funding them for anything at all?

Are the valley sheep fatter because they live off the tax base rather than contribute to it?

Do the country and the Prince of Wales deserve one another?

Should there be a musical or choral version of Question Time (like the famous Buffy episode) and has the BBC once again missed an entertainment opportunity?

How can tourists claim helicopters flown by princes when they find they've under-estimated the steepness of Snowdon?

Bill Quango MP said...

First off - Should Ireland be bailed out by Uk taxpayers?
Panel says yes. Plenty of UK banker bashing in the audience and people saying don't do any cuts or we'll end up like Ireland. Which rather suggests they don't know why Ireland is going down. Hugh H should be on to spell it out for the public sector workers in the audience. It could be so much worse.

- q2 Prisoner compensation for torture. {Forgot that one. Its obvious now}

-q3. Odd question about a new era in royalty. How so? She's not a chav.

-q4 . Welsh health cuts.Is it fair? .. Tories say ..NO! But Wales thinks its unfair their budget is cut hard.

-Q5 Alan Johnson disagrees with Red Miliband. .. really? A Blair/Brown in the making? Nah...

Q6 - Cam's photographer. Bit of a shambles. I'd have toughed it out. The PM can hardly install a photo booth outside No10 for when another president pops round.

Q7 - Ransom for pirates. Lot of Q's tonight.

BQ - 3
JH - yep, what anon said.
Miss CD - 3.5
Malcolm Tucker - 2
Miss SJ - 3
Steven_L - Yesss...kind of. In the way that Yvette is kind of..
HG 2, + a half for the tourist one which made me laugh. -2.5

Winner is Miss CD with 3.5.
Choose the Royal venue. Windsor? Cardiff? A pub in Wigan?

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