Monday 29 November 2010

Goldmans lay into the Euro

Could not help but be fascinated by the interview with Jim O'Neill, finding time at Goldmans not to work on a huge leverage buyout of Man Utd, he opines on the Euro.

Nothing wrong with that, we are all doing this it is a serious issue. Now very poor Telegraph writing has this being a Black Swan article. Now of course Black Swan is Nasim Taleb, another US economist. Not Jim O'Neill, the journalist wants to the reader to get scared though is the message this is sending me.

Then O'Neill goes onto say the Euro is over-valued (against what? and how in a currency war...the US and UK are printing money out of thin air). So now my question is, what is the Goldman angle?

Goldman are the Squid of old, the arch users of everyone and everything in the world. This statement will therefore be well considered. Are Goldman's here helping the US Government by trying to get the Euro more into focus?

Or are Goldman's short the Euro and keen to press home now whilst their positions are good and to buy them time before any bailout may work?

What do you think, these moments are always significant?


Laban said...

o/t, but what think you of Madagascar Oil ?

Andrew B said...

On the PPP basis, the euro is overvalued cf the usd and gbp last I looked in the back of the economist.

Possibly nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Goldmans must be short Euro given they are telling their clients to go long. See