Saturday 6 November 2010

Phil Woolas: Let Joy Be Unconfined

Well this has made my week, and no mistake. With the 'retirement' of McNulty, Woolas was unchallenged as the most odious of the bunch.

Now all they need to do is to fix the outrageous postal voting scandal ...

Oh, and one other thing to make my weekend complete: England to beat the Kiwis this afternoon. Conditions are identical to that of the famous afternoon in November 1993: glorious autumn day, England not given a prayer ... It was the first match with the 'new' North and East stands in place at Twickenham, and the crowd were excited to find that the extended high concrete roofing had the effect of bouncing sound back into the bowl. After the haka, a tentative burst of Swing Low was tried - and it echoed around marvellously. Spirits were suddenly high: hey, this is great !

And so was the score-line of 15:9, marred only by Jamie Joseph's disgraceful footwork on the ankle of the prone Kieran Bracken, on the pitch for his first cap. Joseph perpetrated his outrage in full view as the action moved upfield, and the crowd let him know what they thought. The boy Bracken was strapped up, though, and he soldiered on.

The NZ supporters got rock-all on the train back to Waterloo. But they took it in good part.



Mark Wadsworth said...

Splendid. If only they'd chuck out Zac G for overspending by about 300%.

Woman on a Raft said...

McNulty getting away with it makes me sick. He's particularly revolting as he was in charge of prosecuting people who mis-declared their dwellings in order to scam benefits.

I've no sympathy for benefits fraud but I don't see why they are the only ones doing up to three years.

Marchamont said...

Good riddance to him.

But will he get the "resettlement grant" which is normally paid to MPs who are defeated at a general election.

Jackart said...

I was there in '93.

Good game this afternoon. England have the makings it seems... just not there. Yet...

Nick Drew said...

Jackart - yes, '93 was fun, wasn't it ?

and yesterday not bad: 2011 is looking OK, I'd say

we all seem of one mind on the Labour polit-crims

I see your lot went for Farage again, Mark: I was hoping you'd pick Monckton, as rumoured: that would have sunk you good and proper

ah well