Thursday 4 November 2010

Question Time

Don't know who's on Question Time . Web page has nothing. Must be someone pulling out. Show comes from Sheffield so will be anti-Dem heavy.
Anyway tonight's questions will be about..

A] Tuition fees and Liberal lies. Is this the end of the Lib Dems?
B] Prisoner's voting rights
C] Obama's woes and should he stop spending [unlikely]
D] French sailors sleeping in English bunks
E] Cargo bombs and terror laws
Put your guesses into the comments.


Miss CD said...


1. Tuition fees
2. prisoners voting
3. Obama's failures
4. Nursery vetting and regulation
5. Housing benefit [again]

hovis said...

1. Security, Bombers, Radicals amongst us - more (airline) security needed
2. EHCR & Prisoner votes - should axe murders elect MP's?
3. Getting into bed with the French - Euro co-oparation
4 BBC Cuts are they like water boarding?
5 Tea Party victory - has the US gone mad in rejecting St Obaama?

Miss S-J said...

- Student union to be anti-Libdem
- Obama magic fades
- Tea party talks
- Prisoners blooming liberty
- Radical youtube

hatfield girl said...

Not sure what the time is in England, or here for that matter, so

1: what time is it?

2: is the hoarding of precious metals making knives and forks too expensive for the poor of Sheffield?

3: why is Signor Berlusconi having so much fun as prime minister when others have tried to pretend that it's a serious and dreary office?

4: Should all northern cities be moved closer to London so that there are equal opportunities for employment and enough houses?

5: Should mad axemen have the vote?

appointmetotheboard said...

OK, back for another bite of cherry.

1. Tuition fees / lib demmery broken promises.

2. The prisoners are revolting.

3. But at least the prisoners aren't French. Will we all be speaking French in 20 years?

4. Security. Which I *probably* shouldn't joke about.

5. Immigration cap (just to be different.)

Cheating to have another go, but my dark horse suggestion is... DC's public servant photographer.

As with last time, I assume all of the above is the fault of Labour. Especially the French.

I like this game, but at no point did I say I was good at it.

Bill Quango MP said...

Welcome all.

Q1. As predicted its a bash in Nick Clegg. Lib Dems are liars and cheats and Tories.

PB had a good post on this. Why did the Dems rush to sign up a pledge when a hung parliament was looking likely? John Gaunt grandstanding. He's been doing this all day. Jeremey Browne, brave to even turn up, tries his best. Straw says Libs deceived the electorate. Yep..that's pretty true. Angry audience man castigates Jack Straw but forgets to mention that Labour promised no tuition fees just before an election, then introduced them "We have no plans to introduce University top-up fees, and have legislated to prevent their introduction." 2001 pledge.

Q2. Prisoner voting. Gift for Shami. Bet she does her faux angry little fist. David Davis says Eweman rights should bugger off.
Fantastic answer from him too. Take the ECHR to task. Fight them.
JG doing a bit of UKIPing.
SC says YES to vote and gets plenty of applause. JB makes the point that is missed by almost everyone in the UK that this isn't an EU issue. Crazy butch woman says 'rights are about responsibilities.Citizenship is about rights' ..' Correct. 'So everyone has a right to a vote' You just argued the opposite?

Anonymous said...

Forgot it was on and just turned over to see that authoritarian cunt Jack Straw.

Bill Quango MP said...

Q3. Entente Cordiale
"Excusez-moi ? Où sont les drapeaux blancs ? "
Going to be difficult. JG concerned about an EU army. JS says we work well with USA why not France?
JB says we already work with the USA too. SC thinks its a good idea, and answers well.

Q4. Airfreight bombs will restrict freedoms.
JG - really does sound like the voice of SUN radio, which..he is/was. JS now thinks that control orders need a review. Lot of U-turns from Jack tonight. {Secretly, I've always found him to be a solid Labour minister.But don't tell the old Marxist..}
JB gives government line which is 'we don't know about control orders..its in the lawyers hands'

Q5.Obama downfall. Tawney Blur comparison.

JS says midterms are always bad. Not this badly.. Obama must do better. JG a teaparty fan. SC points out there are a lot of crazies in the tea party. DD admired Obama but has been disappointed. Join the free world.

BQ - 5/5

Miss CD a good 3/5

Hovis - excellent 4/5.

Miss S-J 4.5/5 even better.Good spot on the knifer.

Hatfield Girl - Nice try, but just the one. Italian PM's escapades rarely feature on BBC.

appointmetotheboard - 4/5 Another superb effort. Your two extra guesses were wide, which probably won some Pakistani betting syndicate a few quid.

Winner is me, who must now wash out eyes after that This Week close up of Jacqui Smith's tights.
{Is she wearing Dianne Abbott's sparkly specs?}

Bill Quango MP said...

Anon .. I quite like Straw. Its a weakness, I know.

Dick the Prick said...

I defo recommend the Biased BBC live blog for QT - it's the only thing that makes the prog watchable. Having a long discussion of what kind of pants Shami was wearing was perhaps the most controversial part of the proceddings.

James Higham said...

D - the female variety would be acceptable.