Saturday 22 January 2011

Bloody Blair Again

Saturday Poem Re-Mix
How timely to be reminded what a real scandal looks like. Flashback: here's how we covered it first time around.
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They went to war in a Sieve, they did,

In a Sieve they went to war:

In spite of all Hans Blix could say,

At Bush’s command on that fateful day
In a Sieve they went to war!
But when no weapons were found in the place

And every one cried, “You have no case”
Said Tony Blair “we’re trusting to luck”

We don’t care a button! we don’t give a f***!
In a Sieve we’ll go to war!’

Far and few, far and few,
Are the scruples of Tony Blair;

His lies are bold and he's shameless too,

And they went to war in a Sieve.

They went to war in a Sieve, they did
And totally unprepared
With not enough armour for soldiers to don
With too few choppers – the list it goes on
But Blair, he never cared.
And every one said, who saw them go,

"O won’t they be soon undone, you know!

For the list of shortcomings is terribly long,
And happen what may, it’s extremely wrong
To send our boys unprepared!”

Far and few, far and few,
Are the scruples of Tony Blair…

The casualty figures soon started to rise,

The coffins they soon came in;
So to cover his arse he lied and lied
(No sign of remorse for the many who died)
And he gave the order to spin!
And he hunkered down at Number 10
And he lied and he spun and he lied again
”Though the charges against me be ever so long

Yet I’ll never admit I was rash or wrong.
While I have breath, I spin!”

Far and few, far and few,
Are the scruples of Tony Blair …

(apologies to Lear)



Electro-Kevin said...

Very VERY good.

Fortunate for Blair, the Andy Coulson fiasco, nay ? Distracting the BBC when Blair has just been exposed as a liar at the Chilcott inquiry.

Jeremy Hartley said...

Of course, the Chilcott inquiry will be a whitewash. Chilcott is a Bilderburger.

You do know BBC stands for Bilderburgers Brainwashing Children, don't you?

Anonymous said...

But Tony has said that he has regrets, so that makes it alright then?

Budgie said...

This is silly ND, though it may be fashionable.

So Bliar lied? Big deal - he lied about many things. That's the man - a con artist, something that was easy to see from his wobbling lips after Di was kidnapped by aliens.

So Bliar's judgment was wrong? Big deal - tell me something he got right - the best Chancellor? - his desire to see us in the Euro? He always was merely a sentimental jerk re-living his 6th form prefecture.

So he killed people? Sorry, that's what governments do - all of them. Falklands? Gulf One? Gulf Two? Afghanistan? Sometimes people feel that an armed conflict is "right", but it makes no difference to the dead.

Nick Drew said...

Kev - I'll write a tune for it & you can play

Jeremy - can you tell from their Secret Handshake, O VVIP ?

Nice one, Lakes - suitably biting, as ever

Nick Drew said...

Budgie - several fair points but (as a former soldier) I can't equate Iraq with Falklands & Gulf One

hatfield girl said...

'In a sieve we went to war.'

Blair and his Chancellor of the Exchequer were told and told the financing wasn't there, the preparation time for war and its aftermath was impossibly short.

Blair wanted silence, no discussion of his furtherance of an outlandish re-imposition of 'Britain's role in the world'; Brown wanted to believe the UK Armed Forces devoid of intelligent, highly-trained officers capable of better planning and provisioning than was his motley. And was viscerally jealous of any display of Forces' competence.

There was no pride and no faith in the professionalism of the soldiers - the expectation was that either it would all fall into our hands or the US would provide (and after all the UK's forces had been excluded from virtually all of the military planning in the US and their concerns dismissed).

In a sieve we went to war -

and Blair and Brown must answer for the carnage.

Dick the Prick said...

I guess it stopped the whole mid-east imploding. If they were fighting us lot then they weren't kicking fuck out of each other which seems a popular passtime still. Fuel duty though is reeeedickulus.

James Higham said...

Class, Nick, class.