Monday 17 January 2011

Caption Contest – The Winner

Guido Fawkes' Friday caption contest '...was the usual mix of bile, bad jokes and mindless nonsense, but there is always one caption that makes Guido chuckle. Congratulations to Bill Quango MP for a copy of Big Brother Watch, The State of Civil Liberties in Modern Britain – a collection of essays edited by Alex Deane. The winning entry:'

“The Presidents rush to see if its really true. Labourlist has gone off message.”

Blow that trumpet. Only won it once before.

{personally, I liked R.McGeddon's}

"Pandemonium breaks out as the two Presidents realise that Carla and Michelle have been left alone with Berlusconi….."


Nick Drew said...

slacking off your constituency casework again Mr Q ?

Electro-Kevin said...

Well done, Mr Q.

I can't believe that Sarkozy is taller than Obama.

measured said...

Congratulations, Bill.

Will you be celebrating down at the club with a cigar and a bottle of Margaux? Be sure to put it on expenses. I hope you are keeping the whips happy.

Nick Drew said...

to be on the same wavelength as Guido's sense of humour is surely to be the master of the zeitgeist

that, and Dimbleby too !

Bill Quango MP said...

EK - Cheers. Sarkozy must have those Go-Go gadget shoes.

Measured: The whips always leave me well alone. They know that my uncompromising stance and unshakable convictions are just a committee chair away from change.

ND: Its a talent of remarkable uselessness.

CPI 3.7%.

Time for a C@W 'we told you so'?