Thursday 24 February 2011

Question Time

This weeks question time comes from don't where and will feature we don't know who. But probably a Tory, a Labour, a Liberal, a journalist and a left or right wing weirdo.
{They leave it so late on QT website.}

YOU choose what you think the panel may be asked by the audience. YOU put those guess questions into the comments... points are awarded for accuracy, style, exclusivity, humour and sometimes just randomly. New entrants welcome and judged favourably.

Winner gets to pick whether to pick up UK nationals from the next foreign country to go tits up.

BQ chooses

  1. Cameron the arms dealer is a disgrace to the world
  2. RBS losses would be profits without bonuses
  3. Big Society. Should volunteers be sending a small flotilla to fetch stranded non tax paying oil workers.
  4. Inflation is about to go up even more. rate rise for April?
.I'm going for four questions to pick up the 0.5 bonus. I think Dimbleby nods off about 1/2 way through. Can't blame him sometimes.

Week 7 leader board - 24/2/11 - New Champion.

Malcolm Tucker -- 20
BQ -- 20
Timbo614 -- 18.5
Miss S-J -- 18
Botogol - 18
Hovis - 15.5
Nick Drew --15
Miss CD --13
Hatfield girl --12
Appointment to the board - 11.5
CU - 10.5
Dick the prick -10.5
Anon -9
Budgie 5
Andrew --4
Woman on a Raft -4
Blue Eyes - 3.5
Mark Wadsworth - 2.5
Alan -2


Botogol said...

(last week Dimbleby did say something like 'I have to move on we've spent 25% of our time on one question' I infer from that slightly odd comment that the QT powers-that-be are aware of and have discussed the slow question rate… so five questions tonight, And a bonus for any self-consciously phrased time worries?)


- is it really up to the tax-payer to rescue british citizens foolish enough to remain in places like libya, especially given the cuts.

- isnt it time we finally put in a proper cap on out-of-control levels of immigration, especially in this time of cuts

- should the NHS charge obese people for treatment, especially given the need to make cuts

- what is David Cameron DOING swanning around the Middle East selling arms - especially with all the cuts back home

- Have any of the panel been invited to the Royal Wedding (and won't it make a nice diversion from the cuts)

Dick the Prick said...

Libya - big time. It is of moment, fair play abuse but generally rubbernecking




Anonymous said...

I'm in a revolting mood this week >:o(

Libya and the farce of a 'rescue operation' for our nationals. Was it really wise to scrap our aircraft carriers? Mr Piss-up, please meet Mr Brewery.

Mr Gaddaffi (for it is he) has promised to 'die on Libyan soil' when he gets it all a bit wrong. Could our politicians do likewise? please?

Fuel price interest rate rise and inflation. What chance a revolution here? who'd lead it and in what fuel-miser of a vehicle?

And the obligatory royal wedding question - who would you invite and why? They'll be one like this each week until either the wedding, revolution or death (which, given the inevitable saturation coverage, will look increasingly inviting). Personally, I'd invite Gaddaffi - he's not ruled as long as the queen dontchaknoe and there's no revolution here. Must be the flouride in the water....

I am state educated and managed to count to 4. I claim my prize!


Hugo Gideon Chavez.

Miss CD said...

- Libya and can Gaddafi hang on?
- Who cares about the shadow MPC. Rate rise issue leaves opinion divided. Mervyn says none are coming, everyone else says they are.
-Should teachers be poisoned in school?
-Was Cameron wrong to continue his long planned tour of the Middle East?
- Foreign aid should only be used for earthquakes and rescuing British citizens.

David Farrer said...

Here's an explanation of why diagrams like that are misleading.

hovis said...

1. Cant we stop Mad Dog Gaddafi - shurely we should be intervening
2. Arent we awful for intervening in M.E. affairs in the past.
3. Cameron is a lickspittle to our evil arms dealing industries.
4. The coming inflation/recession shouldn't we raise interest rates now tomake sure that saver get an extra few pence while destrying the fragile (real) economy.
5. Somnethin about AV

Timbo614 said...

@DC - Diagram - I think the Libertarian did it with the lead piping at Location PSI:40; EIS:60; ...

1) Libya -Can Gaddafi hang on ? Considering the quality of his dual personality speeches!

2) Libya - Why were we sooo slow to get our people out that David Cameron has to apologise?

3) Immigration - I thought D.C. said it was going to go down - why do we now have the highest number arriving than ever before?

4) Oil hit a peak of $119 today -on the threshold of "World Instability".
Given that the price of petrol is going to sky-rocket. Do the panel think that G.O. should stop the planned increases?

5) A.V. Vote - same question as last week - Why is it not being publicised do the political parties want a non-event?

P.S.(From QT Site): David Dimbleby is joined in Newport by Baroness Shirley Williams, Cheryl Gillan MP, Peter Hain MP, Elfyn Llwyd MP, Janet Street-Porter and Fraser Nelson.

andrew said...

- was bush right

defense cuts
- get the harriers back / stupid big projects vs squaddies with no body armour

big society
- chances of repeating the dunkirk evacuation

big inflation
- oil prices
- how big a problem

new zealand
-chance to sound sympathetic and statesmanlike

six nations
-chance to demonstrate gsoh

Nick Drew said...

1. Libya, farce, heads must roll, Cameron must grovel to us instead of to sheikhs

2. NZ (don't quite know how a question gets framed)

3. price of oil, should the fuel duty increase be scrapped in these circumstances

4. census - should it be translated into 94 languages, cost so much etc etc

5. welsh-type drivel: should they get more powers (or is that powys?)

Bill Quango MP said...

Newport. oh no ..a Welsh one. Bound to have a mad question about total smoking ban or cuts to S4C.
Shirley Williams, Cheryl Gillan MP, Peter Hain MP, Elfyn Llwyd MP, Janet Street-Porter and Fraser Nelson.

6 on the panel. Not sure which pigeon hole BBC have put JSP and 'Fraiser' in. Left/right nutjobs or serious journos.

James Higham said...

Which first - SDRs, the new currency or Dave the Kissinger of the UK?

Miss S-J said...

* Libya. should Britain get involved?
* If the PM and Foreign Sec are away and Clegg is on 1/2 term, who's in charge? Is it Simon Hughes?
* Fuel prices and inflation.
* NHS jobs to go? Where is the ring fence?

hatfield girl said...

Are six metre high waves and the wind at 40 knots a sign that God does not want 'a biblical exodus' from north Africa all over the EU?

Are the Tories deliberately wrecking the health service we know and hate?

Is it rude to be late for all and every appointment or merely a sign that you are a lovable Liberal Democrat?

Does the panel think it's fair to wait for Miss CD to comment and then plagiarise her?

Why doesn't the Labour party lie down and die of shame over everything it did since 1997?

What's the matter with trying to make politics ahow business, including good-looking people rather than suffering Liberal Democrats with bad haircuts and bad manners?

How many is that? Are there points for Dimbleby whipping everyone along to answer 7 or 8 questions on the lines of 'You're boring. Next'?

Malcolm Tucker said...

Libya and arms sales

then could be anything.

AV borefest with Shirley and Fraser.
Public sector cuts are ending civilisation with Elfyn and Peter.
25% boardroom women quota with Janet and Cheryl.

Something totally uninteresting and off the rest of UK radar like referendum on whether the Welsh assembly should gain extra law-making powers.

Woman on a Raft said...

1) Isn't it terrible how the Tories have supported the Colonel for the past 13 years.

2) Assange - how come we extradite him but nobody else? (To which the panel flannel that they can't say anything as it is still sub juicy pig, even though it probably isn't).

3) Aren't old people treated disgracefully by the Tory cuts in the NHS, that's who I blame.

4) There has to be a Welsh one, and it will have to be about Welsh independence.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The 'cuts'
Libya and rescuing British nationals
Barclays UK corporation tax bill
AV versus FPTP
Oil prices/inflation

appointmetotheboard said...

Middle East, Libya, and Cameron's entrepreneurial skills. Fraser Nelson to mention Labour's ethical foreign policy. Will Hague be one of the 400 people to lose their job at the FCO? Though I suppose the big question is really about whether any UK nationals twisted an ankle or anything...

Brent crude prices and inflation. Did someone say stagflation..?

There must be a question about the Welsh Referendum. Sadly, I know nothing about it, so that's as specific as I can get. Shirley Willaims, bless her, to get confused and talk about AV instead.

If there were more women in the boardroom, would there have been a financial bubble / crash?

I guess thats me going for the four question bonus too...

CityUnslicker said...

Tories are evil, they can't even rescue non Uk taxpayers.

Oil is evil and speculation is led by Tories

Bankers are evil and Tories

AV is good and the tories hate it because they are evil

I feel an easy win tonight; Al Beeb is very predicatble

Bonus - Mention of evil tory defence cuts somewhere

Bill Quango MP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill Quango MP said...

Are we foolish to have embraced Col Gaddafi?
In Mandy's memoirs he says Blair jumped at the chance to hug the Colonel. Mainly to show that Iraq had been a success. "Look everyone. They're reforming!"
Hain and Shirl stick up for Tony.
TBF its a tough call. Tony had tried hard with Jordon, Syria{that badly backfired} and Saudi. Not much applause though.
Much more for OIL is the deal from Elyfn.
Wanders into Megrahi territory, but Hain seems in total denial about Labour's part in the release. He should have let it go. Now he's messing with a pot that he doesn't want stirred.

Q2. Cameron and the arms dealers.
{PR cock-up even if it was planned. Who's in charge? Who's his Sue Nye/Sally Morgan?}
Hain thinks its bad timing, implying its bad, but tacitly admitting Labour would have done the same. Makes a tit of himself by saying if its wrong we wouldn't do it again!
UK doesn't supply arms to Libya. That would have been a far better response.
Lots of hand wringing. But as Sir Humphrey said "Either you're in the arms business or you're not."

Q3. Knew it! A Welsher only question. Really a Big Sock question. Isn't it time we reviewed exactly what 'poverty' is. 90,000 children out of a population of Wales = 3 million sounds about right for those at the bottom of the heap. Its 3% of total pop. Maybe 10% of children pop. JSP had a good line about chief execs. Hain talks populist crap about deficit but gets the claps. Someone even manages to blame Thatcher for continuing unemployment.In the three months to July 2010, the employment rate for working-age adults in Wales was 67 per cent, compared to 70.7 per cent across the UK as a whole.
She's really sick of politicos.
Shirley sits on the fence again. 3 out of 3 for her.
Audience is split between banker haters and Labour state intervention.

Q4. Welsh referendum .
Is it an important issue . Not!
Move on. Closing the passport office was on Labour's agenda BTW Hain. Tory-led coalition just took the proposals and ran with them. CG is slightly booed by saying she doesn't live in Wales. Quite. The environment minister doesn't have to live in the New Forest. The culture minister needn't take a home in the national gallery.
JSP has a good line about the extra spread of pointless overpaid bureaucracy.

No smoking zone came up! Kerchiingh!

Q5. Cameron is cutting 50,000 jobs. {False Economy website started that crap. Figures are way, way out. I think Fraser Nelson has exposed them already.}
That other report JSP is talking about is the possible closure of old peoples homes over a long year period if blah-blah-blah happens and blah blah blah doesn't}
2/3 cuts to nurses pension. - Not sure its that? Isn't it pay in a larger amount to a pension or receive less? Sure those figs are maximum headline figs.
Nelson does well at the end.

CityUnslicker said...

Christ that was painful watching. No one in the QT audience ever has a clue about monye and the world, its really depressing. Not to cuts, boo to bankers, no to debt reality, holidays for all and prizes for the poor kids!

off to slit my wrists or emigrate?

Dick the Prick said...

If it wasn't for quizes! Shirley fucking Williams and Peter Pantone? Outrageous

Bill Quango MP said...

BQ - 2 +.5 for smoking ban - 2.5

Botogol- 2 + 1 as Obese ops came up = 3

Dick the Prick = 2.not too much on Libya.

Anonymous -{Hugo}- only -1 {+1 for Mr Piss-up, please meet Mr Brewery}= 2.

Miss CD- Just 2.

David Farrer- Thanks. But no score.

hovis: 2 + .5 for a bit of AV. = 2.5

Timbo614- just 1.5 + .5 for the cleudo gag. = 2

andrew- just the 2

Nick Drew 2 + .5 for 'welsh type drivel'. Wasn't it. Even the audience seemed bored. = 2.5

Miss S-J. = 2 . And if they really have left Simon Hughes in charge they may come back to find a lib/Lab government.

hatfield girl - 2 + .5 as Dimby really was trying to whip them along. he mostly failed. Everyone ignores him. = 2.5

Malcolm Tucker. Incredible! FIVE!

alan- 1 correct and 1 for good all round comments. Surprised Clegg got a let off. = 2

Woman on a Raft - 3 out of 4. If only Malcolm hadn't been on form.

Mark Wadsworth - Knew you couldn't resist it forever. 2 + 1/2 for the sort of AV. = 2.5 Welcome on board.

appointmetotheboard - some 1st class efforts. 1 for Libya. 0.5 for ethics. 1 for referendum on Wales. +.5 for the AV. for - 3

CU - not quite. 1 for Lib 1 for evil bankers which got the applause of the evening and .5 for AV for 2.5.

Winner is Malcolm Tucker who gets choose whether to pick up UK nationals from the next foreign country to go tits up.
Yea or nay?

Bill Quango MP said...

CU/DP - It was the worst yet. The Welsh ones always are. Even the audience couldn't be bothered to clap. The Scots ones are far better. Usually some of the very best. Are the Scots more worldly in outlook.?

Timbo614 said...

Wrong audience, wrong no. of panellists, 6 were never going to get through more than 4 although Dimby said hurry up 2 or 3 times. Wrong location, and worse wrong (regional) questions!

Relegation looms! :(

Botogol said...

well, I learned something: there's going to be a referendum in Wales. Who knew?

(Well, yes, um Malcolm Tucker did)

I am annoyed with myself: just a little research would have uncovered that...

But well done to MT has anyone ever scored five before?

hovis said...

@CU "Christ that was painful watching."

I have a guilty secret - I don't even watch QT. OK I don't own a TV, but I cant raise myself to watch it in the web either ...

hatfield girl said...

Research Botogol? Aren't we supposed just to thrust our hands into the brantub of our political minds and pull out what they OUGHT to be talking about? I'm going to have to change my attitude now there are league tables and prizes.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Confess. Once I saw Timbo614's bulletin that it was in Newport I checked BBC regional news and there it was. A referendum I'd never heard about and a total smoking ban that can't be enforced.

As for rescuing UK citizens.
Nah.No more.Too expensive. But could be a PR disaster. So need to square Rupert first.

Sun Says.."Non Doms? They're just sort of bankers aren't they? We say let them stay there."

Mark Wadsworth said...

BQ, thanks for the generous marking.

Not bad for a first attempt, I could get into this!