Tuesday 29 March 2011

101 Damnations

Fabio Capello claims he only needs 100 words to communicate his message.
Could be something in that for the political parties who are always keen on messages with as few words as possible. New Labour excelled at adjectives but was much less comfortable with verbs. Political Parties can probably get by with just 50 words.

So lets start with

Labour: The Next Generation

What 50+ words must they have in their lexicon.?

  1. Tax
  2. Spend
  3. Investment
  4. Fairness
  5. Cuts
  6. Tory-Led
  7. Thatcher
  8. Protest
  9. Lesson
  10. Evil-Tories
  11. Sustainable
  12. Millionaires
  13. Banks
  14. Growth
  15. Unions
  16. Ashcroft
  17. Sorry
  18. Equal
  19. Members
  20. Women's
  21. Generation
  22. Hardworkingfamilies
  23. TUC
  24. Tuition
  25. Poorest
  26. Disadvantaged
  27. Future
  28. Green
  29. Party
  30. Twitter
Over to you for the rest.


Miss CD said...

- Peerage
- Bankrupt
- Vested
- Public
- Diversity

Nick Drew said...





Refute (though they don't know what it means)

BTW you can strike out #17: they can neither spell nor pronounce 'sorry'

Anonymous said...

Number 17 is the odd one out ad I claim my reward! After all it was all the eeeevill tories and Maggie Thatcher that did it not Gordoom.

andrew said...

1 vote
2 for
3 me

Steven_L said...
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Steven_L said...

31. Unnecessary
32. Failed
33. Tip
34. Recession
35. Ideological
36. Slash
37. Burn
38. Privatised
39. Sell
40. Schools
41. Hospitals
42. Profit
43. Children
44. Poverty
45. 1980's
46. 1930's
47. Alternative
48. Strike
49. Union-led
50. Dispensation committees

Dick Shonery said...

Did prudence emigrate then?

Tony, S said...

This post made me laugh, a how about a list for the Liberals?

1. Broken Promise
2. Dishonesty
3. Student Fees
4. Small minded
5. Out of power
6. Forever
7. Proportional Representation
8. A Small Proportion
9. Puppy Dog
10. Ark Royal


Nice Blog.

Bill Quango MP said...

Miss CD - 'Bankrupt' - that's a keeper.

ND - 'NHS' - that's 2015 battleground for sure.

Anon - Yes. No 17 is not appearing in any manifesto anytime soon.

Andrew - All go in

Steven_L : Not sure about 'profit.'All the rest are going in the labour manifesto cloud search engine..
I've been using Union-Led on all my media appearances recently. Doesn't seem to have caught on as well as the Tory-led did. Why is that?

Dick Shonery: Welcome. Prudence seems to have disappeared about Jan 2008 when her husband realised it was all going badly wrong for him and needed to increase public spending. He says she emigrated but the police have kept the 'missing person' case file open.

Tony,S .. Thanks.

Liberal-Tory next. I'll add your suggestions to the list. {Not sure about puppy dog though?}

Now techies... how come on my home PC that LABOUR: NEXT GENERTION is in perfect Star trek font, but on the work ones its not?

Timbo614 said...

Techie answer: It's only correct in Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox it is just in Times italic. It's called font substitution - windows or the program will just try to get as close as possible.

But Microsoft always cheat, they break their own rules and interface design specs etc.etc. And know hidden calls blah blah blah. It's not a level playing field for developers Microsoft programs always have an edge!


1) unforeseen
2) circumstances
3) inherited
4) who-could've-known

James Higham said...

Fabio Capello claims he only needs 100 words to communicate his message.

He only has 100 words, doesn't he?

measured said...

I think the word 'bigot' must be included so they can accurately record their history. I am unconvinced that the word 'lesson' should be included, as this is simply not a concept they will ever understand.

lilith said...