Saturday 12 March 2011

The Banks are Lobbying Again

The Telegraph makes me laugh. Just when it looks as though it has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of big interests like Centrica or EDF they publish something like this, having a good old prod at the banks.

Yes folks, the banks are at it - again - this time briefing against Mervyn King, who'd ever have thought it eh ?

Seems they don't wish to be split up, but Liam Halligan disagrees ! Blimey: let's hope he cleared his piece of lèse majesté with the Telegraph's marketing people first. It's gonna get interesting when the Independent Commission on Banking gets into its stride.



Anonymous said...

O/T sort of. Did you see John Mauldin's "Thoughts from the frontline" yesterday? Apparently Britain is the only country in the G20 which according to Rogoff has the conditions for hyper-inflation. Gulp.

Nick Drew said...

that is quite an essay - thanks, anon

gulp indeed

James Higham said...

Useful little non-dispute that.