Wednesday 20 April 2011

Gold hits $1500 an ounce - showing Brown the fool again

That is quite some move by the price of Gold. The metal is up a long way in the recession, indeed it has proved recession proof since the initial sell-off in 2008.

The metal was a mere $275 an ounce when Gordon Brown decided to sell off our Gold reserves. Now it is $1500.

If the Bank of England had sold those reserves to market today we would be an extra £12.4 billion pounds better off. That is some amount of money in this austere times, equivalent to half the defence budget.

And yet Gordon thinks he is smart enough to run the IMF? Cameron has it right.

Even this article of years ago shows him ignoring warnings of the experts just as he did throughout his career. The man is a disgrace and should stay out of public life as at least a small penance on his behalf to us.


Bill Quango MP said...
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Old BE said...

I read a great conspiracy theory a while back suggesting that Broon sold off the gold deliberately to achieve some other (now forgotten by me) goal. I can't think why but then I am not into black ops stuff.

Electro-Kevin said...

All easily explained when you understand that he and his government hate this country, BE.

Bill Quango MP said...

Another job off the list.
What's left for Gordon?

Leader of Labour Party for life - X
Prime minister for life - X
First minister of Scotland - X
Harvard professor - X
Bestselling author - X
Charity work {Still available.}
Head of the world bank - X
President of the EU {try in 2015}
Head of the IMF - X
Middle East peace envoy - X El Presidente di Cuba - X

After diner speaker
Warden of Fort Knox
Relationship Councillor
Mayor of Balamory



Downing Street Rat said...

Why would he want a new job when he's getting £65k to never turn up at the moment?

andrew said...

I meet people like him all the time.

low-level business analyst

v. good at making up lots of rules from what they see as observed reality

v. ready to 'realise value' by selling the nearest thing to hand

often angry at not being taken more seriously.

bad eye contact

Stop talking about him
Leave him to his memoirs (and the person who read them)