Tuesday 19 April 2011

More investment disasters

I have had a bad run recently with my investments; probably deserved after years of huge success. However, today is an interesting one due to news out of EMED mining.

Now as before, EMED are trying to re-open a copper mine in Spain and it is proving very troublesome. Today they finally announced the news that the Government departments have approved their plans, however this is tempered by the fact they have also extended the area the want EMED to be environmentally responsible for clean-up of. This latter news means another delay whilst they look into this and probably a cost in the future to the project.

Overall, it is not great news so the share price is off 20%, on the other hand the mine is now really going to open after nearly 6 years of trying. So wwe are looking at Q3 or Q4 this year for final approval (it was supposed to be Q2).

EMED is now 13p a share; the target projected price of brokers is 32p, 52p, with 70p as an optimistic level from one. I would be happy with 30p pre-opening and moving up to over 50p in 2012. A 300% opportunity - so a good time to buy in over the next few days/weeks as the shareprice settles.


Laban said...

Tell me please CU. How does ND invest in silver, given that the physical stuff is subject to VAT in the UK ?

(or should I be asking him?)

Budgie said...

EMED ended the day only (?) 7% down rather than the initial 20% fall. Pity I last topped up at 21p, now down to 14.75p. Still in profit overall but very close to negative territory.

My conventional shares eg RR, Tate, and SDL are doing relatively ok.

CityUnslicker said...

Budgie - same for me, my average is 13.5 after some top ups at 19. I will add over the summer as this drifts - patience, patience.

CityUnslicker said...

Laban - ask him, my advice is to by PHAU ETF - it is linked to physical silver so not derivatives based like many ETF's. Also is stamp duty free.

I think ND likes the real stuff in his hand though.