Tuesday 10 May 2011

And again, bugger

Company finds oil, takes 3 months instead of 6 to confirm find and can now start production in politically stable zone. Brokers maintain 600p buy recs, not brilliant that there is no upgrade, but still all as expected...the share price reaction in this strange market.

Sigh, more patience required.



Richard Elliot said...

It's been getting worse since your post! Can't believe there has been such bad reaction to a positive drilling report.

Steven_L said...

Wow, that was one hell of a bump! I've warned you all before - the banksters can see your stop losses with their lizard eyes, remove them!

Now the sell orders are all gone could be a good entry point? Only I'm bearish on stocks in the short term.

Steven_L said...

Buy the rumour sell the story?