Tuesday 24 May 2011

Ash cloud strikes again

Yesterday it was the wrong kind of Ash, today it is the right kind to ground flights after all. Luckily no trael for me so I can be grounded with everyone else here no problems; I bet President Obama is dreading getting stuck here though.

Are there any good uses for ash - could it be mana from heaven?


Little green giant said...

This Icelandic volcano has thrown more gunge into the air in 2 days than all the previous man made carbon emissions over the past 1000 years. That being the case, can we now once and for all discard all this green carbon emissions crap and get some sensible energy policies going?

For myself, I shall continue to drive my gas guzzling vehicle with a clear conscience.

James Higham said...

We might have Obama here for weeks.

Anonymous said...

Ash cloud shale.
Its the next big thing.

GSD said...

This just reminded of BQ's brilliant post from last year (BQ should post it again if cancellations escalate). Thank god Brown never acted on it at the time - if he had followed the plan, he'd still be power!

Old BE said...

Surely the ash is blocking the sun's energy and thereby cooling the atmosphere. It's a kind of large-scale carbon offset scheme.

asquith said...

Is it useful as a fertiliser?

Laban said...

Over long timescales volcanic soil is top-grade stuff - but it may take a little time.

"The exceptional quality of Idaho Potatoes is a product of the state's rich volcanic soil", and if I recall my Bill Bryson the subterranean 'superplume' of lava underneath Yellowstone was once under Idaho.

Google "Ashfall Fossil Beds" - the last mega-eruption suffocated animals as they breathed in the fine ash.

Bill Quango MP said...

Thanks GSD. We were talking about stranded tourists just yesterday and someone here at BQ industries remembered that item,{i think its the same one} so I looked it up. I had completely forgotten how near the Ash cloud was to the election date.

Not so sure the Public sector will be rushing to lend a hand this time.

Old Post is here

Bill Quango MP said...

I thought that volcanic ash was the most destructive thing to occur in nature. No crops can grow. In ancient times cities knocked down by earthquake were rebuilt. But if the land was infertile that was it. Game over.

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