Sunday 26 June 2011

Enter The Dragon: The Chinese Right On Cue

"There will come a moment - who knows when, but China plays a long game - when some ghastly, Europe-threatening crisis arises (Iran? Turkey? or another financial meltdown?) and Europe is confronted squarely with its own flabby uselessness. Couldn't face down Libya unaided: & certainly can't face this putative future challenge, without contemplating some seriously bloody bayonet-work (and/or precipitous standard-of-living reduction). No stomach for that - and the US has decided it's had enough.

And then ... and then China or India has a quiet word in Brussels. Leave it to us, they say: and all we want in return is ..."

C@W, 12 June 2011

"The Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, has thrown the eurozone a vital lifeline and pledged to buy billions of euros of European debt to keep the single currency project alive. The move, which will be a relief to struggling eurozone countries, was announced as Mr Wen continues his four-day trip to Europe ... He added: 'China is ready to work with Europe to share opportunities, cope with challenges and achieve common development and to make unremitting efforts for stable development of the world economy and an in-depth development of China-Europe ties.' "

Telegraph, 26 June 2011



Sean said...

The new flag is not that different to the old one.

That is what I guess the politicos will say as everyone else takes it up the arse and they get to keep their jobs and pensions.

I doubt if our lot have the guts to use guns and tanks like their Chinese statist brethren.

Bill Quango MP said...

...and the main news again. Baroness Ashton has reiterated that there is no need for a referendum on the Mandarin Accord, as it is basically the same as the Lisbon Treaty. She said .. " Within its 700,000 pages are all the same letters of the alphabet. Probably even all the same words. Just in a different order. And possibly with a different meaning."
She went on to say that public fears that all citizens would be required to join the The Communist Party of China as "exaggerated."

zimbo said...

BBC World showed an interesting documentary yesterday depicting how the Chinese are pillaging Africa. By the time the west (and the Africans) wake up there will only be dead zebras and dry savannah left. Looks like he long term fate for Europe too.

Anonymous said...

Why are is usiness always whining about the Chinese imports, just look at the well known names, American, European on electronic goods, clothing goods, etc, brands we know and trust (supposedly) look carefully and what does it have printed on the back, "made in China" there you have it, that is why the Chinese economy is booming and our imports balooning. Funnily enough the prices in the shops are western prices, on some items the gross profit must be in the 100's%

Anonymous said...

30 years from now, the living will envy the dead.

measured said...

My take on it is that the Chinese want to buy technology and resources, not service companies, not property. They are canny. We don't have much to interest them with, but we can offer them loads of debt. In truth we are a side show.

They do have to keep buying US debt so their currency will have to strengthen to service US QE. The US won't change its interest rate for a long time.

andrew said...

is... what?

Us going quiet on human rights? - cannot really see that being worth very much

LVMH? - they could just buy it

EU agreeing to let them do anything they like outside Europe / US -possibly

EU agreeing that Software and any mechanical device that depends on the software cannot be patented, thus isolating the US (who want everything patentable) and allowing the chinese to move into that area without all the difficulties they are get on knock-off manufactured goods
- my best one so far.

Budgie said...

I knew the EU elites would not give up as easily as some commenters supposed. Like I said ... Financial Armageddon is postponed for now. Dominoes are so yesterday.

As for this particular move, it is win-win: the EU gets a lifeline and the Chinese fire a warning shot across the bows of USS Enterprise. The EU and communist China bedfellows? - who'd a thunk it?

CityUnslicker said...

Budgie - the EUSSR getting into bed with the PRC - it is the euro elites wet dream.

They don't elect their leaders in china either and also claimt o have the peoples' interest at heart.

The political systems would not be that hard to merge; not that amerger is on the cards, but Euroland can be a happy sattelite - we even have terms for our new Government - Vichy or Quisling?

Old BE said...

I don't have a problem with the Chinese buying up our stuff. The BBC report stated that the Chinese have invested in 33 UK companies and my reaction was "is that all?".

Bring it.

Apparently they want to build our high speed rail network. They have a nice Maglev, do they want to build one of those to Glasgow? Yes please.

Know any Chinese investors who might want to buy my lease from me? A snip at half a mill.