Thursday 2 June 2011

Question Time Quiz

David Dimbleby is joined in Wrexham, north Wales by
Stephen Dorrell MP, {used to be the Tory baby of the house. Stood for leadership after John Major and had even less success. Long term MP without distinction. Man after BQ's heart.}
Alan Johnson MP,{former health sec. Everyone likes him, but as
chancellor he was floundering a long way out of his depth.}
Elfyn Llwyd MP,{ permanent member of the Welsh Question Time panel. Now making his 40oth appearance.}
Sir Simon Jenkins {Guardian writer. Some involvement with trains. Standing in for a Lib Dem, who don't seem to have any representation in Wales anymore.}
and Julia Hartley-Brewer.
{journo, broadcaster and after dinner speaker.}

Its a Welsher one so expect the unexpected.

This week guesses come from CityUnslicker

1 - Jobs/Cuts/Economic malaise - its all teh tories fault
2 - Should a welshman be the mayor of london
3 - Twitter - more of the same as this is still topical, Giggs is welsh after all
4 - Full devolution for Wales - should it follow the Scottish SNP route etc.

Leaderboard Update

Measured - 12
GSD - 8.5

Miss S-J - 8
Mark Wadsworth -8
Botogol -8
Bill Quango MP -8

Appointmetotheboard - 7.5

Nick Drew -7.5

Dick the Prick -7
Malcolm Tucker -6.5
Hatfield Girl -6.5

Miss CD -5.5
Timbo614 - 5.5 {extra ½ for the tip added here}
Budgie -3
Philipa -2.5
Amy -2.5
Blue Eyes -2.5

Lilith - 2.5

Andrew - 2

City Unslicker -2


from earlier said...

CityUnslicker said...

1 - Jobs/Cuts/Economic malaise - its all teh tories fault
2 - Should a welshman be the mayor of london
3 - Twitter - more of the same as this is still topical, giggs is welsh after all
4 - Full devolution for Wales - should it follow the Scottish SNP route etc.


Miss CD said...

1. Care Homes. No bailouts from Wales.
2. Giggs & Injunctions
3. Fifa. How come Sepp only won 85% of the vote when he was the only candidate?
4. Tuition fees. Wales can't afford the £9k that its universities are charging.
5. Welsh nationalism declines as Scotland's increases.

-Swansea promotion will come up somewhere.

Budgie said...

1. E.uro infection in Greece: Spain blamed, Germany having second thoughts. Uuuurghhhppp! Another cucumber sandwich, vicar?
2. Care abuse - it must be Thatcher's cuts.
3. Fifa foh fome, Swansea blatters its way to its Premier home.
4. Saint O'Barmey inspires us all with astounding rhetoric and all round on the money brilliance. Swoon.

Nick Drew said...

Me sir ! Me sir ! I know the answer to this one !

1) why must we have nasty wind turbines all across our beautiful welsh countryside ?

2) if we must have them, why can't they bury the power cables underground ?


4) should Serbia now be allowed to join the EU ?

5) care abuse

Dick the Prick said...


1) Footy, FIFA and other such drivel (seriously, is it only me who's become so blasse about corruption that this whole thing seems like tantrums from the English FA that they're not getting the cash?)

2) There was something about Welshers having to pay full tuition fees so err..maybe baby!

3) Care homes and NHS cuts, changes etc

4) Immigration perrrrappps

5) Has to be an unemployment question surely?

hatfield girl said...

Going for 5 questions here:

What is the ideal price index for measuring inflation?

Should an earlier death be the price to be paid for personally failing to make provision for old age?

Is sovereign default really as contagious as cucumbers?

Why is the UK faring so much worse during the recession than the Euro area, given that it has its own currency?

How green are your valleys?

GSD said...

Hi all. I'll attempt the "local issues gambit":

1) Should Wales press for more autonomy like Scotland?

2) S4C television's independence threatened?

3) Windmills vs Welsh Countryside Tourism. Which should win?

4) Care homes - Is it happening in Wales?

5) Hay Festival - (bound to be mentioned, its about the only thing that goes on in Wales!) - not sure what the question would be though!

Botogol said...

did the amnesty for asylum seekers actually go far enough?

isn't it time to simply abandon the NHS reforms

with zero% pay rises and 3% inflation are public sector workers being hard done by?

isn't it time to end private profit making firms in Old People's homes?

did the panel get any tickets for the Olympics?

Bill Quango MP said...

Big 'Fairness' issue. Will be mentioned by everyone.

1. Care homes. Is it fair that private health care firms abuse the sick and mentally ill, instead of just leaving them to die of thirst as in the public sector?

2. FIFA. Should we just accept that 90% of the world's countries think a little bit bribery is the best system for elections? Was it fair that England's bid didn't win just because it didn't contain any diamond mines?

3. Immigration. Is it fair that immigrants can live,work,hide in the UK until no one can be bothered to find them any longer? Not as if anyone is looking for them anyway.

4. Is it fair that in order to bribe..erm..encourage voters, Wales promised completely unsustainable, unfunded, university education for all Welsh citizens. Is Cardiff uni really as good as Oxford? Or maybe even better?

5. Was it fair that some people got some tickets and some people didn't get some tickets? After 2nd preferences if someone still hasn't got any tickets is that an abuse of their human rights?

+ Elf will give an honourable mention to Wyn-Jones at some point.

measured said...

It's going to be a smelly one, BQ:

1. Care Homes - how can I bring it to the someone's attention that there is a smell of urine in the place?

2. Investment/ independence/ budgets/ sheep... - why don't the Welsh smell of roses? 'Cos you are leeks.

3. FIFA - If Qatar has already secured the games, one may surmise those inside already do have a whiff of being on the take by association. Fair play?

4. Cucumbers - do the Germans think the Spanish are smelly? Will the Germans compensate the Spanish?

5. Benefits/inflation - do the new tests have the scent of fairness?

6. Immigration - do we like the smell of foreigners?

No, not the NHS, pleease. Fetch the smelling salts.

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Care homes. does this finally prove that NVQ really does stand for not very qualified?

- Why do MPs keep claiming for stuff they aren't allowed? Why aren't they properly brought to account?

- Why did Wales not feel it right to back England's calls for a postponement of Sepp's election? Does the welsh FA think there is no corruption?

- Should councils outsource jobs to India, or will this really take money out of the economy, as the unions claim.

That'll be about it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. When will the government start paying for decent old age care for people who have worked hard all their lives and built up some capital in their homes which they'd like to leave to their children?

2. How would you respond to the irresponsible call by Sting & Richard Branson to legalise drugs, which destroy so many young lives?

3. What would you do to prevent an outbreak of E. coli in the UK?

4. Should the FA have stood up more to Sepp Blatter like putting up a rival candidate?

5. Do you support an amnesty for illegal immigrants?

lilith said...

What is it about Ryan Giggs that makes him attractive (allegedly) to the opposite sex?

Who is going to borrow £9k for a year's tuition at any university, Welsh or otherwise, when they are only getting a couple of hours lectures a week if they're lucky, and which won't insist they can spell by the time they graduate?

How come FIFA gets away with being so useless? Who pays them?

Would anyone like me to look after their old Ma or Pa for £850 a week? She'll have more fun, a better quality mattress, and she can bring the dog.

Did any Welsh people manage to get Olympic tickets?

appointmetotheboard said...

1. Are the english really upset about corruption in FIFA or is it just sour grapes because they didn't offer a big enough bribe in handbags and tax breaks?

2. Southern Cross. Would it be ironic if they were privatised and brought into the NHS?

3. Is it fair that Lin Homer made £1m in salary and bonuses over five years whilst saving 161,000 forners from torture, persecution and death?

4. I've no idea what is going on in welsh politics. So my token welsh question involves Giggs and superinjunctions. Long shot, but Elfyn Llwyd to surprisingly reveal what happened to Ritchie Manic.

5. What next for Gavin Henson? Like I said, really no idea what is going on in Welsh politics... Maybe this is a good week to play the 4 question joker card, Stuart...

appointmetotheboard said...

Oh. Question 2. I don't mean privatised do I? I mean nationalised...

That'll learn me for trying to be clever.

Timbo614 said...

Has to be top of the list -

1) Should the Welsh assembly help to bail out Southern Cross?

2) Is the E.Coli outbreak the start of a European black swan event or the result of supermarkets shipping food too fast, too far & too quickly?

3) Should the Welsh assembly "get it's finger out" and stop being so lethargic (shamelessly pinched from BBC Wales). Does much happen in Wales except travelling cats and and plughole-restrained-dogs? :)

4) How are the honourable members faring in the "Sexy MP voting" ?

5(maybe) a question about Giggs, football(ers) or rugby(ers).

I'm floundering on Wales can't even think of a joke involving Sheepish Germans and Spanish cucumbers.

Miss S-J said...

1. Care homes
2. Cucumbers
4. Cuts to council staffing
5. erm..erm..Quick..its almost starting..erm..Green energy,windfarms. That fire that's just started wouldn't have happened in a windmill.

Bill Quango MP said...

Under starter's orders..

1. Is the UK border agency not fit for purpose. {Bit rich coming come from Vaz. It was his lot that broke it.}

AJ- thinks its fine..unless there are job cuts. JHB thinks we've just given up. She's right. Labour failed. Epic fail. But what are the Tories doing to alter the situation? Very, very little. Another amnesty in another 20 years.
Very liberal audience disagree with me. In fact, chap just blamed the bankers. So..that's clear. We are definitely in Wales then.

Q2. What should change in how we look after the mentally ill. Private sector blamed, to thunderous applause. AJ mixes care for the elderly and for the mentally ill. Good point made about inspections. Unannounced are almost useless whether schools, hospitals, factories etc. And the power to act on findings.
SD is quite good on this, re private/public care, but he won't convince many here. {In fact next man talks about profit.}
JHB does a platitude.
EL says its profits that cause the problem..minimum wage is now the most evil thing in society. Everyone must have more...and then even more. Then they'll be no bad people. SJ spoke too long and audience got confused. He was saying that its an offshore spiv company.

Q3. What lessons on the demise of Southern Cross and private health care. Audience man {on his second question} indicates no more private care.
Its a rehash of the privatising the NHS argument again.
{ only two interesting bits is AJ saying the selling off of care homes and leasing them back was a disaster...But that's PFI Alan. Sell an asset and rent it back.
And SJ saying this is the most tedious subject in politics. Amen!}

Germany's nuclear energy closure! Of course!
EL says no to new build. Funny line from Dimby. Elf says he's against Nukes, prattles on about Chernobyl, but the new plant will be on an existing site. Dimby says "so that's safer is it?"
He doesn't get an answer.
SJ is excellent and gives MR Drew the double points he was seeking.
AJ is sure that nuclear must be in the mix. Good answwers from all the panel, except elf, despite audience wanting to hear something different.

Q5. Regime change for FIFA.
JHB thinks the world is corrupt.
EL skips over Wales supporting Blatter.{out of interest if England HAD won, would Cradiff have been a stadium?} SJ says SB is corrupt, and why did England make a bid?

Bill Quango MP said...


CU - Just 1 for job cuts as it came up 3 times. -1

Miss CD - 2 {No Swansea mention. Must have been in the warmup.} + ½ for right mumber of Qs - 2½

Budgie..2 hits -2

Nick Drew - 3½ {you didn't mention the Germans}+ ½ for Qs = 4

Dick the Prick - Good. 3½ +Qs = 4

Hatfield Girl. Excellent guesses. 2+Q = 2½

GSD. A little too local but still good -2+Q = 2½

Botogol - 3 targets and a Q = 3½

BQ - 3½

Measured - 3 stinkers +Q = 3½.
and NHS reform misery again.

Malcolm Tucker -2 +½ for the Welsh FA spot. = 2½

Mark Wadsworth - 3+ Qs = 3½. {unkucky with the drugs.It could easily have come up instead of windfarms. No one else had it. }

Lilith - good effort. Who pays Fifa? Its a mixture of Nike, Pepsi and bribes. - 2+Qs = 2½

appointmetotheboard well 2 + you Got Southern Cross by name and despite what you said you had 5 questions so score = 3.

Timbo 614 lucky that there were two similar questions and Southern Cross, which I'm sure is the name of a Rebel battle flag from the US civil war, was mentioned. - = 2

Miss S_J in the nick of time, and nicked it = 2.5 + Qs = 3.

No cucumbers or super injunctions but a much better show all round.

Winners are Nick Drew and Dick the Prick who are allowed to choose a home nation to either expel or promote within the Union.

Dick the Prick said...

Hurray - cucumbers all round!

CityUnslicker said...

Blimey - that game is much harder when I you have not paid attention to the news.

Another terrible audience, the words privatisation and profit were sadi witht he same sort of tone one uses for murderer and paedophile.

No wonder Wales is broke.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yeah! The cucumbers are on me!

Nick Drew said...

choose a home nation to either expel or promote

I expel England

from FIFA

with immediate effect

saves a lot of time and embarrassment