Thursday 21 July 2011

Euro debt crisis.

Quickie for the euro debt-crisis-mountain-rescue-bailout-default plan.
FTSE loves it. Closed up 46.07 points to 5,899.89

Telegraph has a nice live blog. The ever assessing Alphaville have the detail and are churning through the doublespeak. But it looks like the Euro is saved for today! Greece saved and much cheaper repayments, and we can all go/stay on holiday and there is no need to talk about a collapsing Euro ever again.

Shall we agree now to meet here in November to discuss the next euro crisis?

William Hill not playing the game either.
Bailout odds...

Italy, 2/1 Spain, 4/1 Greece, 4/1 Portugal, 4/1 Montenegro, 6/1 Cyprus, 7/1 Belgium, 10/1 Slovenia, 12/1 Slovakia, 12/1 Estonia, 20/1 Malta, 40/1 Holland, 50/1 Luxembourg, 66/1 Austria, 100/1 France, 150/1 Finland, 500/1 Germany


Anonymous said...

There not just the Euro, over the pond in US, California seems at times to be teetering on the brink, and a few years ago one of their counties, Orange County I believe went bust. It would seem the US itself maybe unable to pay it's federal bills, what a mess. Min you the US has for years done things on the never, both public and private, I know it is very unfashionable but the old Victorian saying "never a borrower or lender be" should from now on be held in mind

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare, Hamlet. 1602

Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

Dick the Prick said...

It's good TeeVee. John Snow genuinely asked the question 'wouldn't it be better to be in the Euro then the UK would have more influence?'

I despair sometimes. You have to voulnteer to be that much of a tosser.

Anonymous said...

I guess it was zee devils advocate thingy??
John Snow has been told how much UK banks are 'owed' by the 17 eurozone countries and if they go down we go down... < withdraw you money, buy tins, run for them there hills

Budgie said...

"Shall we agree now to meet here in November to discuss the next euro crisis?"

You give it as long as that, do you BQ?

Remember clever boy Cameron just gave £10 billion of your money and mine to prop up the euro. Why is Cameron helping to save the euro? (That's just a rhetorical question, by the way, I don't actually need an answer). No doubt he thinks there's plenty more money where that came from.

andrew said...

Now QT is gone, perhaps we should have a geuss what is the next country that gets downgraded and when.

Timbo614 said...

I think you'll find in the archives (as I remember) that all bets have already been placed by those of this parish :)

Or was it the month Greece went bust...

Steven_L said...

FTSE loves it?

The stocks that always suffer on eurobond woes - Barclays, Aviva, love it.

I'm backing out the markets 'til next year I think, saving up a bit.

I'll be back for the collapse though (once I've got my thoughts clear on when it's coming and whether it's inflationary or deflationary)...

Bill Quango MP said...

Looks like the Marshall plan updated for the teenies.

3.5% for 30 years for Greece. Portugal and Ireland too if they can all agree to some tax rates reform. Corporation tax hikes mostly. It will takes days for all the Brownian hidden pitfalls to be exposed.

Not just kicking the debt can down the road this time, but putting it in a taxi and sending it to the airport with a ticket for Hawaii.

Anon: The USA? Don't bring them in to it. We've enough troubles of our own! But you're right. What a mess.
my Hamlet is terrible.
I only know that bit you quote from an old BQ joke.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be, Or you'll be a blender.

It was funnier in 6th form. I think it was bender originally, ruled unsuitable by drama teacher.

DP: Why do I like John Snow? I know he's he just the Guardian in human form, and yet.. I watch his show most days.
It was that history series I didn't like. How could the Snows have been allowed to make a Top Gear style history series; driving tanks and flying Migs, etc, and made it all so utterly, utterly dull?

Anon{3} Is that anon 3 the same as anon 1,2? Pick a name anon. Anon-three has a nice ring to it?
The Euro is saved for sure.
just as well really.

Budgie The latest Greek bailout round is some e215 bn. If we can get away with 10bn we should rejoice.

Andrew/ Timbo - CU took bets.
Any links? Maybe a sweepstake?
Cooommmeee oooonnnn Italia!!!!

CityUnslicker said...

Well, everyone said on Monday me there was no good news. The can has just had a good punt for touch. The US will do a debt deal too -so two pieces of good news vs the naysayers. Lets see where shares vs gold get to in a couple of weeks time.

Budgie said...

"The latest Greek bailout round is some e215 bn. If we can get away with 10bn we should rejoice."

What about "getting away with" £0-00? We were right about EMU, and we are not in the blighted thing? Why should we pay anything? The euro conspirators were warned. It is not Cameron's £10 billion and it is not our responsibility.

What is it with the British (actually the English) that we are addicted to paying foreigners for their own mistakes? Haven't we got enough of our own? Or is this another symptom of 'johnny foreigner actually, really, spends his time looking out for us', so we feel guilty and have to pay him?

Old BE said...

Heh, but if Greece doesn't default then we might even make a profit on our IMF loans!

I think the EU has actually done very well for a change. No massive push for further political integration whilst also keeping the wolves from the door?

Maybe it IS time for Britain to join, 1:1 anyone?

Electro-Kevin said...

Maybe it is time for Britain to join - maybe it isn't.

I don't know.

Let's have a referendum on it.