Monday 8 August 2011

War of All Against All

In the heady days when Ed Miliband was energy secretary, he vowed he would make it socially unacceptable to oppose windfarms.

He failed.

Now, ministers have declared war on charities that seek to thwart their puny wills on planning matters.

Did you ever hear anything that smacked more of a losing argument ? There are many charities whose entire raison d'ĂȘtre is to put a rocket up the governmental backside. I look at my TV screen** and there seem to be battles aplenty to be fought of a more pressing and fundamental nature.

Withhold government money from the recalcitrants, by all means: but have a little care when taking on the National Trust and the CPRE.


** update: make that - look out of my windows

pic © Nick Drew 2011


Mark Wadsworth said...

National Trust and CPRE are my political compass. As long as you always say the opposite, you are right nine times out of ten.

Raedwald said...

These idiots seem to forget that the NT has 3.5m members - the 3 main parties have a combined membership that doesn't exceed 450k. People *like* the NT; people don't like the government or the parties. Taking on the NT is the political equivalent of necklacing Vera Lynn.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the Govt on this. Around here (oxfordshire) its not windfarms but housing thats the issue - massive builds of new, cheap housing on greenfield sites.

If I listen to my local councillors, the *only* way for the UK economy to grow is by home building. Not investment in science or manufacturing, but low cost homes, and look where that got Ireland. But then how many local councillors are either talking their own book, or in have land to sell?