Sunday 14 August 2011

The wrong target

It is very interesting seeing the media in the UK today. The Governemnt is paying the price for trying to use the Police as a distraction for the late return of all the Government ministers.

Interestingly the ACPO has some terrible points copied straight out of a lefty playbook. Basically the Tories cuts rare wrong, in fact it is much worse and the Police have real concerns over pensions and pay.

How does this impact Cameron asking a US cop for help?

Of course it does not but exposes the Police as an organisation run like a Union, obsessed with funding and internal management; no wonder the guys non the ground are unsure when the leadership is so abysmal.

For the politicians, they have made a poor judgement in fixing on the policen rather than broken society which be a better, more accurate, meme. Which would enable a discussion of what is wrong, much of which will expose the terrible mistakes of the last Government's policies.


James Higham said...

For the politicians, they have made a poor judgement in fixing on the policen rather than broken society which be a better, more accurate, meme.

Very much so.

Demetrius said...

Back in the 60's and 70's one of the critical problems was the simple lack of understanding about the way the world was changing and trying to deal with it by applying theories from fifty or more years back. This is as true today, only because of the pace of change the theories we have from the 80's and 90's are just as useless. Worse still many in govenment are in mindsets more akin to those of a generation before.

andrew said...

It is a lot easier to attack the police, to make changes,then to declare success, than it is to talk about changes to society - or make them.

The police have been doing as they were told and are still getting kicked. It is not surprising that they react like a trade union.

The latest spat (I think) is more about the police making it clear that the Politicians make policy and the Police implement operational changes.
If this line gets blurred, next time there is unrest and some innocent person dies, the police will be able to pass responsibility to the politicians. I do not think they want that.

Steven_L said...

The 'elephant in the room' is home-owner-ism I'm afraid.

We've created an education system where bright parents pay a whacking great premium via the housing market to ensure their offspring don't have to be educated with the children of thick parents.

The cycle of being thick, doing badly in education, not being able to get a well paid job etc. springs from home-owner-ism.

Electro-Kevin said...

Fixing on the policemen is quite deliberate.

Cameron hasn't the balls to handle the truth.

David Starkey has been completely lambasted by the luvvies and had a 'career ending moment' for articulating what a lot of people already know. In fact far more vitriol has been directed his way than towards the rioters.

I (and others) are being censored on John Redwood's site (and he's one of the best politicians)

I conclude: There is no way of getting the policies we need to get through this. This should be dealt with as a matter of national emergency. But all we're going to get is more leftism. No repeal of the Human Rights Act, no return of corporal punishment in schools and the justice system.

I predicted this would happen to the extent that I moved my family away from London.

I now predict that this will happen again - mainly on a lower level of sporadic incidents - steaming of trains, cinemas, restaurants. But incidents to match this too.

The Notting Hill Carnival will restult in praise all round because there were only 100 arrests and two murders.

The economic tsunami is about to engulf us. Culturally fragmented Britain will not cope.

Bill Bratton (the New York police chief)offers some good ideas on injunctions, curfews and control of mobile phones. Also intelligence agencies. This will require money which we don't have and he doesn't realise how endemic and ingrained Rap Culture is throughout our society - this is because it was facilitated and financed by the government.

Old BE said...

Whether Cameron is right or wrong technically or policywise, he has totally misjudged the public mood. The immediate reaction on Monday night was "the police lost control", by Tuesday night (in London, Wednesday elsewhere) it was "thank God, the police have sorted it out".

I have seen police vans cheered in London. For Cameron to be against the police is ridiculously bad politics. He is an idiot and must go.

Jan said...

I agree the police were slow to react but then got a grip quite quickly.

I found it a bit odd for the top policemen to be so defensive about accepting help from the top American cop. Surely we should be grateful for tips on "best practice" and willing to learn from each other.

defendit said...

I agree with what you're saying, it is an incredible and sad spectacle to see people so timid and weak in the face of destructive and barbaric behavior.

Unfortunately people always wait until things are so bad that they are forced to face the extremism which encroaches upon them, demand by demand and offense after offense.

And this is always the way it goes with conservative, careful and considerate people who don't like to be involved in conflicts and fights. What do those who believe in high standards of conduct and excellence do in the face of infantile behavior and morally insoucient "leadership"? Well, having read one of your country men's books from 1943, I believe it was, ( The Abolition of Man), the answer is 'nothing - which is the only thing that can happen when a nation becomes a sheeple, to be herded, poked and prodded by its socialist Herder in this direction or that.

My friends, you all should have listened to Churchill and avoided the Keynesian road to serfdo and submission. Britain will be great again once you rediscover your free spirit. But if your fellow countrymen won't at least you still can.

Electro-Kevin said...

Much is being made of the greed and lack of morality in the City.

"The rioters took their lead from the top echelons of society."

I think it's the reverse. When the City lost its bowler hat and became hedonistic the cocaine supply chain was already established. Pay Per View satellite TV was already showing MTV in 5* hotel rooms - Rap Culture exchanged its ideas and ethics for City bling.